MD-30 Full Hydraulic Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig

  • Brand: EB
  • MD-30 Full Hydraulic Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig
  • Power Type:MD-30 Full Hydraulic Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig
  • Certification:MD-30 Full Hydraulic Anchor 


ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

MD-30 Full Hydraulic Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig

Product Description:

MD-30 drilling rig is mainly used for geological disaster prevention projects such as landslides and landslides in railways, highways, and water conservancy facilities, as well as anchorage projects for dangerous rock masses, anchoring projects for controlling high-slope rock masses such as building displacement, and can also be applied to Construction city deep foundation pit support and foundation reinforcement engineering holes, blasting holes for blasting projects, and tunnel pipe shed support holes.
The rig can also be used for the construction of high-pressure rotary jet piles, tunnel pipe shed support holes, etc. with a slight modification. The power head installation position can be changed to easily construct the upward hole.
MD-30 drilling rig has stable performance. high working efficiency. Versatile, capable of drilling complex formations and handling accidents.
The rig has the following characteristics
1.Compact structure, small size, light weight, flexible maneuverability, can be applied to work on high slopes and scaffolding:
2. The output torque of the hydraulic power head is large. Strong drilling ability and wide range of use of rigs;
3. The output speed of the power head is infinitely variable, and drilling parameters can be freely selected according to different construction requirements and geological conditions to achieve the best drilling efficiency;
4. Both the power head and the orifice device can be opened out of the box, which is convenient for opening the orifice and performing the anchor cable (or anchor rod) work.
5. The drilling rig inherits and applies the mature experience of parts and components owned by the MD series anchoring rig, and its performance is reliably guaranteed.
Technical Parameters: 

Drill Rod Diameter (mm) Φ73×1000
Drilling Diameter (mm) Φ65~Φ130
Drilling Depth (m) 30~50
Power Head Speed Range (r / min) 0~118
Torque (N · m) 1600
Lifting Force (kN) 22
Feed Force (kN) 15
To Process (mm) 1200
Power Type and Model Electric Motor Y160L-4
Rated Power (kw) 15
Machine Transportation Size (L × W × H) (mm) Host 2100×640×1200
Pumping Station1060×520×1070
Control Station530×560×480
Weight (kg) Host 350
Pumping Station 400
Control Station 50

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MD-30 Full Hydraulic Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig

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ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

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