YDL-300HDX Full Hydraulic High Lift Multi-function Drilling Rig

  • Brand: EB
  • YDL-300HDX Full Hydraulic High Lift Multi-function Drilling Rig
  • Power Type:YDL-300HDX Full Hydraulic High Lift Multi-function Drilling Rig
  • Certification:Multi-function Drilling Rig
  • Warranty: 12 Months


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    YDL-300HDX Full Hydraulic High Lift Multi-function Drilling Rig

    Product Description:

    YDL-300HDX full hydraulic high lift multifunctional drilling rig is a new type, high efficiency, energy saving, multifunctional full hydraulic drive, power head high lift multifunctional drilling rig. Mainly used for drilling wells such as water wells, monitoring wells, geothermal air conditioning holes, national defense projects, anti-floating anchors, cable stayed anchors, high-pressure rotary jets, etc .; also suitable for hydropower projects, railways, highways, urban foundations and other rocks Construction of large-aperture vertical holes in soil engineering; grouting reinforcement holes; small foundation pile holes; miniature piles, etc. After the drilling rig is equipped with corresponding drilling tools, it can perform a variety of processes, such as pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drilling, air foam drilling, gas lift reverse circulation drilling, long spiral drilling, mud circulation drilling, eccentric tube drilling, dental drilling Wheel bit drilling, hydraulic hammer drilling, etc.
    The biggest feature of this rig is that the power head has a stroke of 7 meters, and is equipped with a large torque hydraulic motor to swing, and the cylinder has a large propulsion and lifting capacity. The maximum horizontal lift height is 4.5 meters. Users can choose hydraulic telescopic manipulator and booster pump to reduce labor intensity. The power head has multiple speeds, which makes the drilling range wider. The hydraulic outrigger has a large stroke and can be transferred to the field without crane crane.

    Main Feature:
    1. The drilling rig has strong drilling ability, wide application range, fast drilling speed, strong accident handling ability, and high drilling efficiency.
    2. The power head of the rig can be mechanically and hydraulically variable. Suitable for various drilling methods such as down-the-hole hammer, heel pipe, full casing and alloy turning.
    3, 2 large oil cylinders on the mast, lifting force of 25 tons, can be used to pull the casing when drilling with eccentric pipe, can also be used for small non-excavation construction.
    4. The maximum horizontal lift height is 4.5 meters, and the maximum elevation angle is 30 °.
    5. One side of the platform is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic platform, so that people can load and unload drill pipes while standing on it, which is convenient and safe.
    6. The drilling rig adopts internal and external telescopic masts, the power head travel reaches 7 meters, and two 3 meters drill rods can be drilled at one time, which reduces the time for adding drill rods once and doubles the efficiency. Especially suitable for high-pressure rotary spray.
    7. Equipped with a propelling frame with a stroke of 1.5m, the mast can be pushed directly to the orifice or support the ground, and the drilling is more stable.
    8. The main shaft adopts a telescopic buffer mechanism, which can effectively protect the drilling tool, and at the same time, it protects the drill rod wire buckle from being damaged during shackle.
    9. The rig is equipped with a hydraulic gripper on the orifice device, which automatically releases the shackle to reduce the auxiliary time and labor intensity. The orifice is equipped with a guide device, which makes the drilling more stable and reliable.
    10. The drilling rig is mounted on the crawler chassis, so that the whole machine is shifted, and the walking is faster and more convenient. Users can choose iron tracks or engineering rubber tracks. Engineering rubber tracks do not hurt the ground, and they can work in cities.
    11. The rig uses 4 long-stroke outrigger cylinders, which can be rotated to both sides or optional hydraulic lateral telescopic legs. After the 4 outrigger cylinders are braced, the stroke reaches 1600mm, and the car can be poured directly in. No crane rig is needed. Can be transferred to the loading and unloading.
    12. The main components of the hydraulic system of the rig are domestic and foreign famous products, which make the performance of the whole machine stable and reliable, and the service life is long.
    13. The drilling rig can be applied to a variety of drilling processes: long spiral drilling, air DTH hammer drilling, mud positive circulation full casing drilling, air DTH hammer eccentric drilling with tube, cone bit drilling, high pressure spinning Spray job and so on.
    14. There is a tool hoist (2 tons lifting force) on the top of the mast, which is convenient for lifting tools such as drill rods.
    15. On the platform next to the mast, users can choose a hydraulic telescopic manipulator, which is a good helper for inclined hole operations.
    16. The rig has a high-position rotary platform, which makes the rig more flexible during construction.
    17, according to user needs, can be configured with a booster pump (motor or hydraulic motor drive).
    18. Users can choose electric motor or diesel engine as the power of drilling rig.
    19. Users can customize the short stroke or long stroke according to their needs.
    Technical Parameters: 

    Drilling DiameterΦ150—Φ400mm
    Drilling Depth400m
    Adaptation ProcessDrilling Water Wells, Anti-Floating Anchors, Cable Stayed Anchors, High Pressure Rotary Jets, Pipe Shed Support, Positive Air Circulation, Air Lift Reverse Circulation
    Maximum Lifting Height4.5m
    Rotating Speed of Power Head0~6r/min(Stepless Speed Regulation),6-188/min
    Maximum Torque of Power Head12000Nm
    Maximum Lifting Force of Power Head25T
    Boost Speed0-3m/min(Stepless Speed Regulation);3,3.74,7.54,15.08,18.1,21.84m/min(Fast)
    Maximum Pressure of Power Head12.8T
    Pressing Speed0-5.9m/min(Stepless Speed Regulation);5.9,7.34,14.78,29.57,42.83m/min(Fast)
    Pressure Lift Cylinder Stroke3500mm
    Maximum Travel of Power Head7000mm
    Propulsion Stroke1500mm
    Mast Inclination-5~120°, the Maximum Elevation Angle is 30 °
    Minimum Ground Clearance360mm
    Tool Hoisting Lifting Force2T
    Tool Hoisting Speed20m/min
    Tool Hoisting Wire Rope DiameterΦ9.3mm
    Tool Hoisting Capacity50m
    Optional Hydraulic Telescopic ManipulatorInclined Hole Operation: Φ73, Φ76, Φ89 Drill Pipe × 3 Meters Or 6 Meters
    Whole Machine Rotation ModeAutomatic Turning of the Whole Machine, Positioning Pin Positioning
    Walking Speed1.5km/h
    Climbing Angle25°
    Tracked ChassisEngineering Rubber Track
    PowerElectric Motor 55+18.5KW
    Dimensions (Length × Width × Height)7200×2100×2800(Transport Status )

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    Multi-function Drilling Rig 

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