XY-6B Core Drilling Rig with Light Weight,Convenient Disassembly Drilling Rig

  • Brand: EB
  • 4TLP Tracked Chassis
  • Power Type:4TLP Tracked Chassis
  • Certification:Drilling Rig
  • Warranty: 12 Months


    ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

    XY-6B Core Drilling Rig with Light Weight,Convenient Disassembly Drilling Rig

    Product Description:
    The XY-6B core drilling rig is mainly used in geology, metallurgy, coal, hydrology, engineering and other industries. Core drilling equipment mainly used for diamond and hard alloy drilling is also suitable for engineering geological exploration, shallow oil and gas Mining, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage, hydrological well drilling, and large-diameter foundation pile construction.
    This product can be used for oblique and straight hole drilling. It has simple and compact structure, reasonable layout, light weight, convenient disassembly, reasonable speed range, water brake, and hoisting brake low position operation.
    XY-6B drilling rig is one of the rare ideal equipment to meet the needs of the new market.
    Technical Parameters: 

    Drilling Capacity Core  Drill Sorts of Drill Rod Drill Rod Spec.(mm) Drilling Depth
    Home Made Drill Rod Planer In and Out Φ54×6 2000m
    Φ67×6 1600m
    Thickened Inner Φ50×5.5 2100m
    Φ60×6 1500m
    Extracting Core With Wire Line Φ55.5×4.75 2400m
    Φ71×5 1650m
    Φ89×5 1400m
    DCDMA(Diamond Core Drill Manufacturer Association)Made Drill Rod Thickened Inner BW 2300m
    NW 1700m
    HW 1200m
    Extracting Core with Wire Line BQ 2400m
    NQ 2000m
    HQ 1550m
    Basic Specifications Drilling Angle 90~80°(360°)
    Dimension(L×W×H) 3700×1300×2175mm(Diesel Engine)
    3500×1300×2175mm(Electric Motor)
    Weight(Without Power Unit) 3700kg
    Rotary Head I.D of Spindle Φ116mm
    Rotary Speed of Spindle(Power Speed is 1480r/min) forward 96;160;230;339;336;559;804;1178
    reverse 79;277
    Max.Torque Of Spindle 7200N·m
    Feeding Stroke 720mm
    Max.Feeding Capacity 200KN
    Max.Lifting Capacity 150KN
    Hoist Max.Lifting Capacity(Single Line) 60KN
    Lifting Speed 0.64;1.07;1.54;2.25m/s
    Diameter Of Steel Wire Rope Φ18.5mm(6×37)
    Capacity Of Drum 120m
    Work Rotary Speed 500~700r/min
    Water Brake Single Balance Speed 3~8m/s
    Single Balance Load 45KN
    Single Gear Oil Pump,Pressure,Displacement 20MPa,20ml/r
    Oil Pump Frame Stroke Of Frame 600mm
    Power Unit Diesel Engine Model R6105P 72KW,2000r/min
    Electric Motor Model Y280S-4 75KW,1480r/min


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    XY-6B Core Drilling Rig

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