EB Team

  EB Team

EB Team is always friendly and considerate with technical and commercial knowledge to proivde you professional service.

Please send us your inquiry to get better prices and total solution about design and material selection.


We are open to discuss with you any technical and commerical issues about your working condition and requirements. Our email address: sales@ebcastworld.com.

Our Main Member of EB team also includes the followings:

CEO: Ms. Juliet Zhu       MBA from Jiangnan University

  • 25-year International Market Development experience;
  • 25-year Domestic Client-development & Maintaining experience;
  • 25-year Import & Export Practice of Castings and Machinery;
  • 20-year Foundry Operation Management.

CTO: Mr.D.Q. Liu     Technical Engineer

  • 15-year Mechanical Engineering Experience;
  • 15-year Design Background of Castings & Forgings;
  • 10-year Casting Inspection Experience.

Wear-resistant Material Expert: Mr.C.S.Chen

45-year Mill Liner Research & Innovation

Foundry Process Improvement Expert: Mr.Crook

50 + year experience in world-famous foundries in UK, Australia and USA and Asia Pacific Area

Heat-resistant Steel Expert: Mr.G.M. Gu

18-year Experience in heat-resistant and stainless steel Wax Lost Cast Process & Horizontal Centrifugal Cast Process

Heat-treatment Fixture Design Technician: Mr.M.M. Zhang

9-year design experience in Heat-treatment Fixture,including material baskets and trays.

Special Alloy Casting Process Consultant: Mr.Q.D. Zhang

18-year experience in Special Alloy Casting & Investment Cast Process & Vertcial Centrifugal Cast Process

Foundry Expert: Mr.S.N.Guo

40-year foundry operation experience in Ductile Iron & Gray Iron resin sand process and 6 year forging experience.

Foundry Expert: Mr.J.D. Lin

20-year foundry operation experience in resin sand process

Foundry Expert: Mr.J.B. Li

30+ Year foundry operation in Production of Grinding Media and Wear Parts in Water Glass Sand Process

Foundry Expert: Mr.Zhai

10+ Year Foundry Operation of Large Castings & Machining of Alloy Steel Parts

Machining Expert: Mr.Qian

10+ Year Machining Experience in High Hardness Wear Parts and Stainless Steel Castings

Heat-treatment Process Expert: Mr.L.X.Gao

18-Year experience in heat treating wear castings with air quenching,liquid quenching,fan quenching & foggy quenchining,etc.based on specific material grade & section thickness of specific parts.

EPC Process Expert: Mr.H.L. Chen

8+ year Heat-resistant Steel EPC Cast Process & Shell Cast Process

CFO:  Mr.Mao       CPA

16-year Accounting Experience;

14-year Financial experience.