Operation and Maintenance of Drilling Rig

(1) The core drilling rig must not be operated without supervision.

(2) When pulling the gearbox handle or the winch transfer handle, disconnect the clutch first, and wait until the gear stops running, so as not to damage the gear, and pay attention to placing the handle in the positioning hole.

(3) When closing the gyrator, first open the clutch, wait for the small circular bevel gear to stop rotating, and lock the closing handle before starting the vertical shaft.

(4) Before drilling, lift the drilling tool off the bottom of the hole and then close the clutch, and start drilling after normal operation.

(5) When lifting the drilling tool, please note that the hoisting machine can be used to lift the on-machine drill rod away from the hole, and detach from the lock joint connected with the special variable wire joint and the lower drill rod, then open the gyrator, and then lift the drill With.

(6) When lifting the drilling tool, be careful not to lock the two brakes at the same time, so as to avoid serious accidents due to damage to the parts.

(7) The hoist operator must not leave the brake handle to handle other work or adjust the holding brake while the drilling tool is suspended, so as to avoid accidents caused by the automatic release of the holding brake.

(8) During the operation of the core drilling rig, pay attention to check that the temperature of the bearing position of each component, the gearbox and the gyrator must not overheat. The gearbox and slewing gear are allowed to work below 80 ℃ (temperature rise 40 ℃).

(9) During the operation of the core drilling rig, if any abnormal noise such as severe vibration, screaming, or impact is found, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause.

(10 According to the provisions of the lubrication table, regularly fill or replace the lubricating oil and grease, the quality of the oil meets the requirements.

Drilling Rig of Operation and Maintenance

Correct maintenance method of crawler drilling rig

Proper maintenance can better prolong the service life of the items. Today we will talk about the maintenance knowledge of crawler rigs.

  1. When stopping work for a short period of time, a small amount of pressure should be given to prevent sediment from entering the rig’s impactor. If the rig’s operation is stopped for a long time, the impactor should be lifted 1-2 meters from the bottom of the hole to fix it.
  2. Pay attention to check the lubricating oil condition of the wind motor at any time.
  3. When the working surface is immersed in water, use a large diameter drill bit to insert the drill rod when opening the hole, so that the drill rod is exposed to the water surface for 1-2 meters to prevent mud and slag from falling into the hole.
  4. Do not allow the Drilling Rig to reverse during drilling to prevent the drill rod from falling into the hole;
  5. Pay attention to check the water and gas pipeline of the crawler rig at any time, and whether the bolts and nuts of various accessories are firm

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