How to Improve the Service Life of Jaw Plate

Some time ago, my client was asking me about the price of Orban. We know that the plate belongs to wear-resistant parts, wear-resistant is a necessary attribute of the plate. So what is Jaw Plate?

What is Jaw Plate?

Jaw Plate is the main parts of the Jaw crusher, there are moving Jaw Plate, static Jaw Plate, according to the different models of Jaw crusher, there are a variety of models size, generally using high manganese steel material.

The crushing work of the Jaw crusher is carried out in the working cavity composed of the moving plate and the fixed plate. The moving Jaw and the fixed Jaw bear the huge crushing force and the friction of the material, and are easy to wear out. in order to protect the Jaw plate, the wear-resistant liner is generally installed on the surface of the moving Jaw and the fixed Jaw . This kind of liner is also known as the broken board. The surface of the broken plate is usually made into a tooth shape, and the angle of the tooth peak of the broken plate is 90 °~ 120 °. The size of the broken plate depends on the nature and size of the broken material. When the bulk material is broken, the angle is larger; when the small material is broken, the angle can be smaller. The tooth spacing depends on the granularity of the product, usually equal to the width of the outlet, and the ratio of tooth height to tooth spacing is 1 ≤ 2 ≤ 1 / 3. When working, the wear speed of the upper and lower parts of the crushing plate is different, and the lower part wears faster than the upper part. When the broken plate works in the Jaw crusher, it is directly in contact with the material and bears the huge crushing force and the friction of the material. The service life of the broken plate is directly related to the working efficiency and production cost of the Jaw crusher. Therefore, it is particularly important to prolong the service life of the broken plate of the Jaw crusher.

  1. Design, material selection:

tIn the design, the crushing plate of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw should have the tooth peak to the tooth valley. In that way, when the material is broken, the material has a bending effect in addition to the extrusion effect, and the material is relatively easy to break. In order to enhance he service life of the crushing plate, the crushing plate of the small and medium-sized crusher is designed to be in an up-and-down symmetrical shape, and can be used for turning around when the lower part is worn; and the crushing plate of the large-scale jaw crusher is designed to be symmetrical with each other so that the crushing plate can be replaced after being worn.

White cast iron can be used as the material of broken board. White cast iron has high hardness, good wear resistance, easy source and low price, and has the disadvantages of brittleness, easy fracture and short service life. In order to improve the service life of broken plate, manganese steel containing more than 12% manganese is better, and ZGMn13. is commonly used. The toughness of manganese steel is good, although the hardness is not high (about 210 HB), because of its cold working hardening characteristics, it will be continuously strengthened under pressure, so it will be worn and strengthened at work until it is worn out until it can not be used. After casting, the broken plate of manganese steel should be treated with water toughness, and the operation of water toughness treatment is basically the same as that of quenching, that is, the broken plate of manganese steel is heated to 1000 ℃ and cooled rapidly in water. After water toughness treatment, the uniform metallographic structure can be obtained, and the metallographic structure can be fixed, which avoids the natural phase change in use and makes the performance worse. The disadvantage of manganese steel is that the price is more expensive, but in terms of service life and cost, ZGMn13 has longer service life and lower cost than white cast iron.

  1. Movable jaw and fixed jaw assembly:

When assembling, the broken plate must be firmly attached to the plate, and the broken plate should be leveled between the two. Soft metal (such as lead, zinc, etc.) should be used as gasket between the broken plate and the plate, and the bolt should be used to fasten it. When the crusher works, the broken plate should not be loose, otherwise it is easy to break or wear the broken board and reduce the service life of the broken board. Therefore, it is necessary to install the broken board when assembling, so as to prolong the service life of the broken board.

  1. Improvements in use to enhance the life of the crusher:

in the production process, the crushing plate and the material act directly, the crushing force is large, in particular when the material with large crushing hardness is broken, the bolt of the mounting and crushing plate is vibrated, the nut is loosened, the abrasion of the crushing plate is increased, and a great noise is generated, When serious, the crushing plate is broken or broken, so that the equipment is stopped and the normal production is affected. In this case, only the bolts and nuts are tightened before starting up, and the problem can not be thoroughly solved, and a practical method is to be adopted to solve the problem according to the actual situation of the site. For example, the spring anti-loosening and vibration damping device can be adopted to solve the loosening of the crushing plate in the work, thereby prolonging the service life of the crushing plate and improving the working efficiency. by using the spring to make the bolt anti-loosening and self-tightening device, the device is composed of an inner spring gland, a spring and an outer spring gland, The bolt loose power generated by the great crushing force is automatically made up by the spring tension, so that the bolt is not loosened, so that the service life of the crushing plate is prolonged, and the production efficiency is improved. In short, that specific problem can be solved in the use process aiming at the specific situation, so that the broken plate is prevented from being loosened, the abrasion is increased, and the fracture is broken, so that the service life of the crushing plate is prolonged, the cost is reduced, and the work efficiency is improved.

In a word, strengthening the service life of the broken plate of the Jaw crusher can strengthen the service life of the broken plate, thus improving the production efficiency and reducing the production cost.


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