High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027

  • Brand: EB
  • High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027
  • Heat-resistant Steel Plate
  • High-temperature Alloy Plate
  • Hardox Plates
  • Bisplate
  • NM Plate
  • High Mn Steel Plate


ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron

  • High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027 for Shot Blast Machines, Chutes, Clinker Silo,
  • Port Machinery and Ball Mills
  • This specification covers a group of High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027 that have been alloyed to
  • secure high resistance to abrasive wear in the applications of the mining, milling, earth-handling, and manufacturing industries.
  • These alloys are made by melting process and shall have microstructures that consist of carbides, martensite, bainite, austenite,
  • and in exceptional cases, minor amounts of graphite or pearlite. The following conditions for casting will be supplied: as-cast,
  • as-cast and stress relieved, hardened, hardened and stress relieved, or softened for machining. Heat treatment shall be done.
  • The chemical composition of a class and type (that is, Class I, Type A) shall conform to the range of values specified for carbon,
  • manganese, silicon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper, phosphorus, and sulfur. Hardness test shall also be made.
  • Plate Thickness is 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 15mm, 30mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm,
  • 100mm, 200mm, 500mm, 1000mm.
  • Section Thickness is 1 inch, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 8″, 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″.
  • Material Grade is Cr-Mo Alloy Steel(ZG50Cr5Mo,ZG60Cr6Mo,Cr12Mo), high Cr white iron(BTMCr15Mo,BTMCr20Mo,BTMCr26Mo)

Our Capability 

We can fabricate the High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027 as per your material and your sizes.

We’d like to help select suitable material grade for your wear plates as per your specific working condition.

Material Grades & Alloys for Wear Plates & Chute Liners are as below:

1. High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027


2. High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027

Handelsname Kurzzeichen W.St.Nr.

Ni-hard 1: ≥ HB500 G-X 330 NiCr 4 2 0.9625

Cast Iron Ni-hard 2: ≥ HB550 G-X 3260 NiCr 4 2 0.9620

White Iron Ni-hard 4: ≥ HB600, HB630 G-X 300 NiCrSi 9 5 2 0.9630

G-X 300 NiMo 15 3 0.9635

G-X 260 Cr 27 0.9635


3. Martensitic Cr- Mo Alloy Steel Hardness is ≥HRC48

4. Pearlitic Cr-Mo Alloy Steel Hardness is HB310-375

5. Heat-resistant Steel Plates.

6. High-temperature Alloy Plates.

7. Hardox Plates include HARDOX400,HARDOX450, HARDOX500, HARDOX550, HARDOX600,HARDOX630.

8. Bisplate includes BISPLATE 100, BISPLATE 360, BISPLATE 400, BISPLATE 450, BISPLATE 500, BISPLATE 600

9. NM Plate

10. High Mn Steel Plate

Our Photos for High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027 :

High Chrome Wear Plate White Iron AS2027

Our Experience:

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  • 18 Year Expertise in Wear-resistant Material Field
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Trading Terms:

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  2. The nearest airport: Shanghai Pudong airport
  3. Payment Terms:L/C,TT,West Union,Paypal
  4. Payment Condition:50% before production, 50% before delivery against complete set of inspection report
  5. Supply Capability:  10,000 tons per year
  6. Sample Availability: yes
  7. Sample Time:15-30 Days
  8. Packing: Plywood Cases or Steel Crates
  9. Delivery time: 45 working days per 20 tons regular castings & forgings
  10. Service: OEM, ODM or Customized

ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

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