Water well rig mechanism composition

1.Well Rig Hydraulic oil pump: It is a dual type, a large displacement pump provides power for the power head, and a small displacement pump provides power for four outrigger cylinders, landing mast cylinders and afterburner / lifting pulley cylinders.

2. Four outriggers: The small well-drilling equipment consists of hydraulic cylinder and fixed frame. The level of the body can be adjusted at the work site to support and stabilize the body.

3.Mast: It is a welded frame structure of giant steel pipe, channel steel and angle steel. The inner groove of the channel steel on both sides is used as the power rail to move up and down to maintain the verticality of the drilling. The landing of the mast is completed by hydraulic cylinders.

4.Power head: a gear reducer mechanism, with a large-hole mandrel in the middle of the low-speed shaft, the upper mouth of the mandrel can be connected to the hose interface of the concrete pouring equipment for pouring concrete; the lower mouth of the mandrel passes the method The blue plate is connected to the drill pipe and the drill bit. The high speed shaft is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor.

Well Rig

When we are using crawler wells, don’t forget to maintain them. Where should we maintain them?

Before using the crawler-type water well drilling rig, check whether the crawler can run normally. The working environment of the water well drilling rig is relatively harsh. The crawler is easy to stick to soil and sand. After the operation, it must be cleaned and cleaned. It is also necessary to regularly lubricate the track rails.

Pay attention to check the lubricating oil condition of the wind motor at any time, check the water and gas pipelines at all times, and check whether the bolts and nuts of the various parts of the rig are firm. When the working surface is immersed in water, use a large-diameter drill bit to insert the hole. Drill pipe, make the drill pipe 1-2 meters above the water surface to prevent mud and slag from falling into the hole.

Attention should also be paid to reducing wear during the construction of the Lushui well rig. Sprockets, track rollers, drive wheels, and rail links are easy-to-wear components. However, there will be a large difference depending on whether or not a daily inspection is performed. Therefore, as long as it takes a little time for proper maintenance, its wear degree can be well controlled.

The crawler-type water well drilling rig is not allowed to reverse during drilling operation to prevent the drill pipe from falling into the hole. When the water well drilling rig stops working for a short period of time, a small amount of pressure should be given to prevent the sand from immersing inside the rig impactor, such as for a long time. Stop the operation of the rig. The sound of the impactor and the operation of the reduction box should be found. If abnormal sounds and phenomena are found, the machine should be stopped immediately and checked in time.

Bolts and nuts should be checked carefully: When the machine is working for a long time, the bolts and nuts will loosen due to the vibration of the machine. In particular, the bolts and nuts on the lower traveling body are easily affected. If you continue to run the machine with the track shoe bolts loosened, there will be a gap between the bolt and the track shoe, which will cause cracks in the track shoe.



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