Durable Wear-Resistant Mill Hamme

1. The bearing is too hot. Reasons: insufficient grease, too much grease; grease is dirty and deteriorated; bearings are damaged.
Exclusion method: Fill with appropriate amount of grease; the grease inside the bearing should be 50% of its space volume; clean the bearing; replace the grease; replace the bearing.
2. The discharge size is too large. Reason: The hammer head is worn too much; the screen is broken.
Remedy: Replace the hammer head; replace the screen.
3. The elastic coupling produces a knocking sound. Reason: the pin is loose; the elastic ring is worn.
Remedy: Stop and tighten the pin nut; replace the elastic ring.
4. Reduced production. Reason: The gap of the screen bar is blocked and the feeding is uneven.
Remedy: Stop and clean up the obstruction in the gap of the screen; adjust the feeding mechanism.
5. There is a knocking sound inside the machine. Reason: Non-broken objects enter the inside of the machine, the lining board fasteners are loose, the hammer hits the lining board, and the hammer or other parts are broken.
Method of exclusion:
6. Vibration volume suddenly. Reasons: When the hammer head is replaced or the static balance of the rotor is not satisfactory due to the wear of the cone head, the hammer head is broken, the rotor is out of balance; the pin is bent or broken; the triangle plate or the disc is cracked; the anchor bolt umbrella.

Exclusion method: Remove the hammer head, select the hammer head according to the weight, so that the total weight of the hammer on each hammer shaft is equal to the total weight of the hammer on the relative hammer shaft, that is, the static balance reaches the requirements, replace the hammer head; replace the pin shaft; electric welding Repair or replace and tighten anchor bolts.
The life of the wear-resistant mill hammer head is also related to the technical parameters of the crusher, the most important of which is the power and speed of the rotor body. These two parameters directly reflect the linear speed and impact force of the hammer head. They are not only related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also the degree of impact hardening of the hammer head. A hammer head with good impact hardening will definitely extend its service life. Rotor speed is too low, not only low production capacity, but also low kinetic energy, resulting in poor impact hardening of the wear-resistant mill hammer head, poor wear resistance; too high speed of the rotor, although the wear-resistant mill hammer head can get better impact hardening, equipment productivity increased. But at the same time, it will also cause strong wear of the wear-resistant mill hammer head, purlin and liner, which is also detrimental to the service life of the wear-resistant mill hammer head, and it will significantly increase power consumption. Therefore, a reasonable speed should be determined to increase the impact hardening degree of the wear-resistant mill hammer head at the beginning of work and reduce the wear of the wear-resistant mill hammer head.

Feeding conditions include: ①feed size and hardness; ②feed method of hammer crusher. The former is related to whether the crusher will produce material and the impact impulse when the hammer hits the material, while the latter will cause the drop of the material to the rotor due to different feeding methods, and it will also affect the impact impulse when the hammer hits the material. When the weight of the hammer head and the speed of the rotor are constant, the impact impulse of the hammer head is proportional to the material quality and the drop. The impact impulse is directly related to the degree of hardening and wear resistance of the hammer head. Therefore, the particle size of the large hammer crusher should not be too small, and the speed of the feeding equipment should be higher. In addition, the excessive moisture content of the material will also have a certain impact on the life of the hammer. If the water content is too high, the materials are easy to stick together and cause agglomeration, which will aggravate the wear of the wear-resistant mill hammer head.Wear-Resistant Mill Hammer head
Service life:
1. According to the design model, the feed size is appropriately controlled, and materials exceeding the maximum design size are strictly prohibited from entering the machine.
2. Select appropriate feeding equipment, such as plate feeder or vibrating feeder, to ensure uniform and stable feeding, and avoid impact on the equipment and invalid operation due to uneven feeding.
3. Due to the quality error of the hammer head during casting, according to the current situation, the wear-resistant mill hammer head should be turned down in time and turned according to the current situation, so that the wear-resistant mill hammer head wears evenly and the rotor runs in balance.
4. It is best to weigh when replacing the newwear-resistant mill hammer head. It is divided into several groups according to the mass, and the quality requirements of each group are equal. Otherwise, the rotor is unbalanced and easy to cause vibration when the machine is turned on.
5. When stopping, check the gap between the wear-resistant mill hammer head and the sieve bar, the sieve bar and the sieve bar, adjust if necessary, and replace the sieve bar regularly. Because the cost of the wear-resistant mill hammer head is higher than that of the screen bar, compared with the old screen bar, the hammer head can use 4-5 more shifts.
6.The hammer frame of the hammer crusher is made of cast steel and has less contact with the material, but when the metal object inside the crusher or the lining plate falls off, it is easy to cause damage or bending of the middle hammer disc. Drop, otherwise it is easy to lose the hammer and cause vibration.
7. Due to the impact of the material between the side hammer plate of the hammer frame and the side plate of the casing, the side hammer plate is relatively worn. Out wear layer.
8. Due to friction during operation, the shaft diameter at both ends of the spindle is easy to wear. When installing, two shaft sleeves should be added to the shaft diameter to protect the shaft diameter on the shaft.
9. Bearings should be repaired and withdrawn in time after wear. After the bearing is worn, the bearing should generally be scraped and ground according to the new size, and the thickness of the gasket should be adjusted to maintain a reasonable gap in order to form an effective lubricant film.
10. The power and speed of the rotor are not only directly related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also the degree of impact hardening of the hammer head.To extend the life of the crusher hammer head, it is also necessary to distinguish the material of the hammer head. For the hammer head, to ensure that it has a sufficient impact force, but for the high chromium small hammer head, it is exactly the opposite, it must be controlled to not have excessive impact.
11. It is necessary to regularly clean up the accumulated material in the crusher section. Because of the existence of the accumulated material, the crusher hammer head will be severely abraded and worn, which will drastically reduce the service life.


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