Wear-Resistant Liners With High Wear Resistance

[Commonly used aliases]: Crusher liner, ball mill liner, counterattack liner, guard plate.
[Main material]: High manganese steel, composite materials, new high manganese steel, ultra high manganese steel, high (low) chromium cast iron, etc.
[Applicable materials]: Widely used in cement, silicate products, refractory materials, black and non-ferrous metal ore, glass ceramics and other production industries.
[Applicable equipment]: Various crushers, ball mills.
The wear-resistant liners of the crusher is one of the main components in a variety of crushing equipment. The inside of the crusher casing is installed and a certain gap is formed between the core components of the crusher. Between the liners, they are squeezed to realize the crushing of materials.

Characteristics of wear-resistant liners

1.High wear resistance and impact resistance
High manganese steel liner has scientific and reasonable alloy element formula, so that the liner has good physical and chemical properties. The hardness is above HRC45-55, the impact toughness value is above 25J, and the service life is more than twice that of high manganese steel. Able to withstand huge impacts. The surface shape of the liner can be maintained for a long time during work to ensure that the mill can increase the output by more than 5%.
2.High cost performance, strong adaptability
The high manganese steel liner is processed by advanced technology. It has the characteristics of high quenching hardness and high toughness value, so that the high manganese steel liner has good wear resistance. Compared with the ordinary liner, the high manganese steel liner performs Outstanding price-performance ratio. It can adapt to mine wet grinding, dry grinding, mixed grinding, etc.
3.High strength, high toughness
In the quenching process of the high manganese steel liner, the special dual-medium quenching agent with good thermal stability is used as the medium to make the product achieve the combination of high strength, high hardness and high toughness to meet the technical requirements of wear resistance.

Application of wear-resistant liners:
1. Electric power industry-fan blades, burner pipelines, lining of conveying trough and hopper, crusher parts, coal mill parts, ash outlet pipe, air handling system and conveyor Bimetal wear-resistant liner
2. Iron and steel industry-hopper lining, grille, feeder and base, dump truck, hopper, pipeline, pump casing, crusher parts, slag trough, various chassis, vibrating screen.
3. Mining industry-truck cargo tank lining, hopper lining, conveying chute lining, crusher parts, cover plates, wear bars and wear plates, coal processing industry-feeding troughs, hoppers, crusher parts and liners, coal conveying pipelines, elbows, pump bodies.
4. Cement industry-impact disc, pipeline, pump casing, mill lining, crusher parts, slag trough, various chassis, vibrating screen.


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