Wear-resistant Liner in Mine Ball Mill

In the beneficiation operations of mines and other industries, the wear and tear of the wear-resistant liner of the ball mill or rod mill is very rapid. A φ1.5m*3m ball mill normally operates for one year, and the wear-resistant high-manganese steel consumed The steel plate needs to exceed ten tons, which has greatly increased the production cost of the concentrator. How to improve the service life of the ball mill liner and reduce the cost of replacing the wear-resistant liner is an urgent and important issue in the current mining industry.

Wear-resistant Liner

As a wear-resistant liner manufacturer, EB China has many years of experience in wear-resistant repair operations for various industries. After long-term research, the composite wear-resistant liner of ball mills has A new long-life solution. In the past, both ordinary wear-resistant steel plates and high-chromium alloy composite wear-resistant liners that have not been improved are subject to corrosive wear of materials. This is because materials continue to wear the surface oxide layer of the wear-resistant plate, resulting in a new wear-resistant layer Exposing to the air and then being oxidized and softened, this corrosive effect makes the wear-resistant liner accelerate the consumption.

Wear-resistant Liner

In order to overcome this shortcoming, the technicians of EB China have analyzed the function of a large number of ball mills and decided to use surfacing welding to make a new type of ball mill liner, which is to use a surfacing process to overlay the main wear parts of the ball mill liner. The high chromium alloy wear-resistant layer allows this alloy to resist the corrosive effects of materials and oxygen, and the substrate is made of high-toughness steel plate, which bears the high-strength impact of the material without breaking.

This new type of wear-resistant liner has been tried and improved by cooperative customers and has achieved ideal results. As a wear-resistant plate manufacturer, EB China has obtained the satisfaction of customers.

Wear-resistant Liner

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