What Other Advantages of Tungsten Balls Are You Not Aware

On May 8, 2020, American customers placed a sample order for tungsten balls our https://ebcastworld.com/.

Now the customer has signed and passed the test. Now we have sent us a new inquiry, tungsten balls of different sizes. What are the characteristics and applications of tungsten balls? Let me introduce you to the details of the tungsten ball:

Pure tungsten ball Tungsten steel ball for high specific weight counterweight tungsten nickel iron alloy ball.

Grade: W85 W90 W93 W95 W98

Density: 17.8-18.5g / cm3

Composition: Tungsten

content: 85-99%

Tungsten-nickel-iron, tungsten-nickel-copper

Surface: sintered, polished surface, polished surface

Size: customized

Tungsten-nickel-iron alloy is an alloy based on tungsten (about 90-98%) and added with nickel, iron, copper or other components. The specific gravity is generally 17.0-18.5. Tungsten nickel iron alloy is an important tungsten-based heavy alloy. They are alloys composed of nickel and iron added to tungsten, and alloys on which other metal elements are added. The nickel-iron ratio added is generally 7: 3 or 1: 1.

Advantages of tungsten nickel iron alloy:

The tungsten-nickel-iron alloy is characterized by high sintered density, good strength and plasticity, and certain ferromagnetism. It has good plasticity and machinability, good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and has excellent absorption capacity for gamma rays or X-rays.

  • Specific gravity: The general specific gravity is 16.5-18.75g / cm3;
  • High strength: the tensile strength is 700-1000Mpa;
  • Strong ability to absorb radiation: 30-40% higher than lead;
  • High thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of tungsten alloy is 5 times that of mold steel;
  • Small thermal expansion coefficient: only 1 / 2-1 / 3 of iron or steel;
  • Good electrical conductivity; because of its good electrical conductivity, it is widely used in lighting and electric welding industry;
  • Has good weldability and workability.

Tungsten Balls Stellite 6 Balls and Seats

Stellite 6 Balls and Seats use:

The tungsten-nickel-iron alloy is widely used and has become the main tungsten-based heavy alloy with the largest amount. As general applications, such as counterweights, counterweights, and radiation shielding devices, sintered alloys are used directly; but as applications requiring high mechanical properties, tungsten-nickel-iron alloy alloys require deformation processing and heat treatment to achieve strengthening.

Inconel is mainly used to manufacture gyro rotors, guides and shock absorbers for aviation and spacecraft; die-casting molds, tool holders, boring bars and automatic watch weights for mechanical manufacturing; armor-piercing projectile cores for conventional weapons , Rivet heads and switch contacts for electrical products; In addition, it is also used to manufacture various anti-radiation shielding components.

    The tungsten alloy ball is small in volume and high in specific gravity, and can be used in the fields that require small parts with high specific gravity, such as golf weights, fishing sinkers, weights, missile warheads, armor-piercing projectiles, shotgun bullets, prefabricated fragments, oil drilling platforms, etc. . Tungsten alloy balls can also be used in high-precision fields, such as mobile phone vibrators, balance of pendulum clocks and automatic watches, anti-vibration tool holders, flywheel weights, etc. High specific gravity tungsten alloy balls are widely used in industrial and military fields as balance weights.

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