American Customers Frequently Purchase Titanium Balls

In early May 2020, American customers found us on and released 40mm TC4 solid titanium balls to us. The first order was a sample sheet of 2 titanium balls. We quickly shipped to our customers and after two days of shipping time, The titanium ball finally reached the customer’s hands. After half a day of testing the hardness, size and material of the titanium ball, the customer’s requirements were met. The customer rated our ball very well, but the American customer felt that the 35mm titanium ball was more suitable for their use. In the evening, the customer immediately placed an order for 100mm titanium balls of 35mm. We quickly produced for the customer. After three days, the production of 100 titanium balls was completed. After testing in our production department, there are no problems with the material, hardness and size. The next day we sent this order for the customer. After three days, the customer received the product. It is now in use.

On May 15th, American customers asked us for alloy balls of other sizes and materials, Stellite6 valve balls, Stellite21 valve ball seats, tungsten carbide balls and titanium balls. Our small partners quickly quoted customers. After several times to modify the size, update the quotation and finally meet the customer’s requirements.

Do you know what materials are available for titanium balls?


ProductTitanium and Titanium alloy ball
SizeDia.: 1.0mm-6.0mm (0.040″-0.236″) or customized (plus tooling fee)
MaterialGr.1, Gr.2, Gr.3, Gr.4, Gr.7, Gr.9, Gr.12
SurfaceMetallic luster

Do you know the characteristics and application of titanium balls?

Titanium Balls

Features of Titanium Ball:

Titanium balls are light weight (approximately 60% of the density of steel) that are nonmagnetic and offer good heat transfer properties. Titanium balls are an excellent choice for a variety of medical applications due to its general biological compatibility. The combination of high strength, stiffness, good toughness and low density make titanium an excellent choice for many aerospace applications. The excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility coupled with good strengths make it very useful in chemical and petrochemical applications, marine environments and jewelry.Grade 1 and Grade 2 belongs to the Commercially pure Titanium Alloys Family.

Lightweight ball, has good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance, but also has high thermal conductivity. TiAl6V4 grade is the most widely used titanium alloy.

Titanium Ball Application:

These balls are used in various fields such as aviation, aerospace, chemistry, medical treatment, and precision instruments.


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