Stellite 6 welding wire 

satellite 6 welding wire sent to Russia:

Today, I would like to share with you the satellite6 welding wire sent to Russia.

Our Russian customer is a customer needs satellite6 welding wire. At the beginning, the customer did not specify the required size. I recommend to him the sizes that our factory can produce. The customer was very interested after receiving it. A sample of 10kg is required, asking how long it will take and how to transport it. I reply to the customer in time that we are in stock, we can also help to ask about the express delivery cost or your designated freight forwarder to come to our factory to pick up the goods. The customer wants us to look for the courier fee. I asked the customer to find the best courier company for the courier company. However, it was not smooth sailing. The customer didn’t reply to any news from me. There was no payment in the back office of Ali. However, we did not give up. ,Email customers every day to ask them what is not easy to solve. But no reply was received from the customer. A few days later, the customer found us in Ali backstage and paid and thanked us for his concern for him.

Of course, I am very happy to be able to meet this friend of Russia and complete his first cooperation with him. Let me show you the chemical composition of our satellite6.

Stellite 6   0.70-1.4025.00-32.003.00-6.00≤2.00≤2.00≤5.00Balance

Finally, I will show you the photos of the packaging and inspection of satellite6 welding wire

3.1 Packaging photos

3.2 Test photos

Stellite 6 welding wire


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