Performance Comparison Between Rubber Lining and Manganese Steel Lining

According to the test comparison of the rubber liner and manganese steel liner grinding machine, the economic effect of the wet liner using rubber liner is better than that of manganese steel liner.

⒈The attached abrasive is good and has a long service life

In the wet grinding process, the main form of wear of the mill alloy liner is the combined effect of impact, fatigue, grinding and corrosion wear, of which corrosion wear is particularly serious. The rubber liner has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, so it shows good wear resistance in wet grinding production, and the service life is generally higher than that of alloy liner.

The face test research shows that the service life of the rubber lining is 2 to 4 times longer than that of the alloy lining. Of course, with different grinding methods and grinding conditions, the difference in life is obvious. In the one-stage grinding machine, the life of the rubber lining is usually only 0.5 times higher than that of the high-manganese steel lining. In the two-stage grinding machine, the life of the rubber lining is generally 2 to 3 times longer than that of the high-manganese steel lining.

⒉Reduce energy consumption of grinding and improve energy efficiency

The power consumption of mineral processing plants is very large, and the power consumption of crushed ores, especially grinding operations, accounts for about half of them.

With the sharp increase in energy prices and the demand for economic grinding, the focus of crushed ore grinding production is to maximize the production capacity of crushing and grinding equipment while reducing the power consumption per unit product to improve grinding energy. effectiveness.

Production practice shows that rubber liner grinders have shown unique energy-saving benefits in this respect, and the unit power consumption of grinding has a significant reduction trend. China can generally reduce 10% -15%. Some have a larger reduction.

Rubber Lining and Manganese Steel Lining

⒊Reduce production noise and improve grinding environment

The production noise of the manganese steel liner mill is very loud. The noise of the ball mill is generally 110 decibels, and the ore self-grinding machine is about 105 decibels. These all greatly exceed the noise level stipulated by environmental protection and seriously damage the hearing health of workers.

Due to the damping and absorption of the rubber lining, the sound insulation effect is better, and the noise of grinding production is reduced, especially the effect of reducing high-frequency noise that is harmful to hearing is more significant.

According to the actual measurement results, the production noise of China’s rubber liner grinding machine is reduced by about 10-15 decibels, which improves the working environment of the grinding workshop and improves the physical and mental health of the workers.

⒋The weight of the lining board is very light, to avoid dangerous accidents,

The rubber lining is light in weight, 50-50% lighter than the high manganese steel lining.

A high-manganese steel liner generally weighs about 50 kg, and the heaviest weighs up to 120 kg, while a single rubber liner only weighs 15-20 kg, which reduces the labor intensity of repairing the liner and avoids the dangerous accident of loading and unloading the liner.

Welcomed by the workers. In addition, rubber is an elastomer. The caster holes of the rubber lattice plate of the mill are basically not clogged, and there is no need to stop the mill for cleaning.

The barrel of the rubber liner mill does not leak slurry, and there is no need to stop the mill for inspection and repair, thus reducing the time for stopping the mill and improving the capacity of the mill


As far as the wear properties of the mill lining are concerned, the wear forms of the rubber lining and the manganese steel lining do have many similarities, but there are also basic differences.

The main difference between the rubber lining and the manganese steel lining is that in addition to the unique elasticity of rubber, it is used to make the lining of the wet mill, which is not affected by the corrosion and wear of the ore slurry, and different rubber varieties and properties can be obtained with different The rubber liner with wear resistance, elasticity, impact resistance and chemical resistance to withstand the impact and grinding effect of the grinding media and mineral materials in the grinding process.

Therefore, the use of rubber to make the liner of the wet mill must make full use of this advantageous characteristic of rubber elasticity to achieve the cushioning effect of the liner and reduce wear.

A unique wet formula design combined with nano-composite dispersion technology is used to obtain excellent performance Wet-process nano rubber has excellent wear resistance, strength and elasticity, and the service life is greatly increased.

Experiments show that when the impact velocity is small, the lining plate only deforms elastically; when the impact velocity is greater than 9 m / s, the lining plate will cause surface damage. Of course, the cushioning effect of the rubber lining is also related to the impact angle.

When the impact angle is 90 °, the cushioning effect is the largest and the lining wear is minimal. As the impact angle decreases, the lining wear gradually increases


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