Rubber Liner of Mine

The rubber liner is the abbreviation of the rubber material liner at both ends and the barrel used by the ball mill, also known as rubber liner and rubber inner liner.

The complete set of ball mill rubber liner consists of end liner (grid type lattice plate), end lifting bar, center ring (grid type is center guard plate), filler, barrel lifting bar (also called bead), barrel Body lining board, manhole door, fasteners and other parts. The rubber lining is suitable for wet grinding process, and the metal powder (iron) which requires strict dry grinding is also beginning to be applied.

Advantages of rubber lining:

  1. Low energy consumption, the physical density of rubber is one-sixth of manganese steel, reducing the quality of the barrel, thereby reducing the load of the motor, saving electrical energy, that is, reducing costs;
  2. High wear resistance and impact resistance

The rubber liner adopts a special formula. After high-pressure vulcanization, the wear resistance is greatly improved. The service life is about 1.5-2 times that of the manganese steel liner. The unique elastic buffer of the rubber itself greatly reduces the intense impact force;

  1. Low noise

The collision of steel and rubber itself reduces the noise, and rubber itself has a sound insulation effect, which stimulates the enthusiasm of employees to a certain extent and indirectly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise;

  1. Easy to install

The rubber lining is light-weight and does not require special tools for installation, which is more convenient and greatly reduces downtime and improves the operating efficiency of the enterprise

  1. Corrosion resistance

Manganese steel can produce replacement chemical reactions with acids, alkalis, salts, etc., which accelerates the wear of the liner; and the rubber liner itself has a special process formula and has corrosion resistance, thereby extending the service life of the liner.

  1. Saving steel balls

According to actual work, compared with manganese steel lining, an annual output of 100,000 tons of mines, rubber lining can save 150,000 tons of steel balls.

Rubber Liner

Disadvantages of rubber lining

After a certain period of time, the rubber lining may be bubbling or delamination, which may cause the equipment not to be used normally.

The more advanced repair method is that if the area is relatively small, it is appropriate to use repair agent to repair. If the area is relatively large, cold vulcanized rubber plate repair is considered to be the best repair method for HX


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