Drilling Rig Product Introduction

DTH Product Introduction
Down-the-hole drilling rig is a n impact crusher and a drill bit that have penetrated into the bottom of the hole to crush the rock. Therefore, it is called a down-the-hole drilling rig. Widely used in metal mining, hydropower, transportation, building materials, harbors and defense projects. Down-the-hole drilling rigs can drill holes in rocks above medium hardness (f≥8). The price of rig is relatively cheap, especially suitable for small and medium-sized open-pit mines.
DTH Product Classification1. According to different places of use, it can be divided into two types: downhole DTH and open-air DTH. Such as: underground downhole drilling rigs K7—80, KQJ—100, open-air downhole drilling rigs include KQ—100, KQ—150, KQ—200, and KQ—250.
2. According to different hole diameters, it is divided into light down-the-hole drilling rigs (bore diameter is 80 ~ 100mm, machine weight is hundreds of kilograms to 2-3 tons), medium-sized down-hole drilling rigs (bore diameter is 150mm, machine weight is 10 ~ 15 tons) Heavy-duty down-the-hole drilling rig (bore diameter 200mm, machine weight 25-35 tons), extra-heavy down-hole drilling rig (bore diameter 250mm, machine weight 40-45 tons).RigWorking principle of DTH
The working principle of down-the-hole drilling rigs is the same as that of other rock drills. They all have rock drilling and forming processes such as impact, rotation, rowing, and propulsion. The difference is that the impactor of the down-the-hole drilling rig is installed at the front end of the drill pipe, dives into the bottom of the hole, and continuously advances as the drill hole extends.
Features of DTH Drilling Rig
The impact energy loss does not increase with the lengthening of the drill rod, and deep holes with large diameter can be drilled;
The working surface noise is greatly reduced;
Fast drilling speed, high degree of mechanization, less auxiliary operation time, and improve the operating rate of the rig;
High drilling quality;
Can drill medium hard or above (f≥8) rock.


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