Resumption of work and production

Liu Cixin said in “Wandering Earth”:

“In the beginning, no one cared about the disaster. It was just a mountain fire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city.

Until this disaster is closely related to everyone. ”

New crown pneumonia, which occurred in Wuhan, is closely related to everyone and also makes this Spring Festival holiday extra long.
With the epidemic being effectively controlled, Qianbai Technology, while doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, strived to resume the resumption of production in the enterprise, passed the reinstatement approval in the shortest time, and entered an orderly resumption. Minimize the gathering and movement of personnel, set up card points at the entrance of the company, conduct temperature tests on incoming and outgoing employees, register external vehicles and personnel, and complete comprehensive disinfection of the plant.
Since the resumption of work, the company’s business has been on the right track, busy with production and shipping matters, and exports of goods to Brazil, Thailand, Australia, Norway, have been issued one after another, full of anticipation waiting for customers to sign.In addition, the heat-resistant steel and high-chromium cast iron castings sent to Australia have also been packed and awaiting warehouse orders. Ship on schedule.
Products from other customers are also being produced one after another and will be shipped to you as scheduled. Stay tuned for our developments.
Fill the world with love and believe that the epidemic will soon pass. We will surely survive the difficult times, and as long as we are united, everything will be fine. Come on worldwide! Go China! Come on in Wuhan! Ebcasting Come on!



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