Radiant Tubes

When you want to count on radiant tubes that offer a consistent heat transfer, count on EB China. Our fabricated tubes have a low mass that enhances heat transfer for maximum efficiency while reducing energy and operating expenses. Made from ductile, high-nickel, low carbon alloys with a controlled, tight grain structure, our radiant heat tubes outperform the tubes they replace to give you a longer life, increased production and reduced maintenance, and energy costs.

Engineering Advantage:
Our ASME–certified engineers take the time to understand how and why a radiant heat tube fails. That’s why they may use multiple grades of wrought materials in a fabrication to enhance the performance of specific areas of a tube. Our team will rebuild or produce new radiant tubes, depending on your needs.

radiant heat tube

Design Flexibility:
EB China fabricates tubes in any configuration and wall thickness and supports all furnace OEM tube designs. For your convenience, we can repair and or replace return bends, flanges, bungs and straight components onsite.

Variations of our radiant tubes include:
Double ‘P’ Tubes
Straight tubes

Thin and lightweight tubes resist sagging and cracking
High resistance to thermal fatigue
Thermally efficient tubes provide energy savings
Sizes range from 2″ to 12″
Outer diameter tubes and wall thickness is 16 gauge to 3/8″
Stainless steel or nickel alloys
Return bends assure uniform metal section, consistent heat transfer


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