1. Product Introduction
Nickel wire series products include: nickel wire, pure nickel wire, nickel alloy wire, 0.025mm nickel wire, N4 nickel wire, N6 nickel wire; nickel wire purity can reach 99.99%, the finest can reach 0.025mm.
Status: Hard/semi-hard/soft
1. Pure Nickel Wire Characteristics
Nickel mechanical properties are close to carbon steel.Its alkaline corrosion resistance is second only to silver in metal materials, nickel wire will form a black protective film on the surface of concentrated alkali. Make it very resistant to corrosion. It is mostly used for electric light source materials, coating, with high surface quality and good processing performance. It is used for making work such as anode, separator, electrode holder, etc. It can also be used as guide wire lead in bulb, and it plays an important role in chlor-alkali industry. The role. Electric grade materials have various alloys depending on the conditions of use. Moreover, the electrode materials are required to have a low resistivity to avoid overheating of the electrode, high high temperature strength to reduce material wear, and a relatively viscous melting and volatilization under the action of an arc to improve the service life and the like.
(1) with solderability, high conductivity, suitable coefficient of linear expansion
(2) the strength is better at high temperature, the resistivity is lower
(3) 3, high melting point, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, good pressure processing in hot and cold conditions, easy to degas, suitable for radio, electric light source, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, is important in vacuum electronic devices Structural materials.
1. Pure Nickel Wire Type:
Pure nickel wire can be divided into N4 and N6 according to the material.
(1) N4 pure nickel wire
That is, N4 nickel wire, also known as nickel No. 4.
N4 nickel wire has good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It is suitable for the production of vacuum devices, electronic components, chemical filters for strong alkalis.
N4 pure nickel wire is suitable for radio, electric light source, mechanical manufacturing, chemical industry, and is an important structural material in vacuum electronic devices.
(1) N6 pure nickel wire
N6 pure nickel wire also has good corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion resistance of hot alkali resistant solution.
It has excellent corrosion resistance to alkaline and neutral solution media such as carbonates, nitrates, sulfates, chlorides and acetates.
1. Pure Nickel Wire Use
Pure nickel wire is suitable for radio, electric light source, mechanical manufacturing, chemical industry, is an important structural material in vacuum electronic devices, and can also be used as a guide wire lead in the bulb.
1. Pure Nickel Wire Pictures

Pure Nickel Wire

We have all kinds of Nickel Wire. We use plywood boxes or strong flexible container bags or steel drums to package the electrodes, both aesthetically and firm. Prior to packaging, we have also arranged professional QC personnel to test the Nickel Wire to ensure that each Nickel Wire meets the customer’s requirements.

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