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Protective Masks for Epidemic Coronavirus/mask machine

A: Many people think that coronavirus only targets middle-aged and elderly people. Is this really the case?
B:You are strong, healthy and exercise regularly.
A: Do you ignore the harm of coronavirus? No. Unless you do not breathe, the inhaled air will not carry viruses.
A: You feel that wearing a protective masks will affect your breathing, so choose not to wear a protective masks?
B: The world is so beautiful, you still have family, friends, children.
C: Don’t you think about their health?

Now coronavirus is spreading all over the world! Materials to protect coronavirus are in short supply and prices are skyrocketing. The economy of other industries in the world is declining, and more industries are restricted and cannot operate normally.

The Protective Masks that was once inconspicuous has now become a hard currency and is currently the most in short supply. In various cities, there are situations where protective masks are scarcely available for purchase.

(China is a major manufacturing country, and 50% of the world ’s masks are produced by China. In 2019, China produced a total of 5 billion masks a year, producing 20 million masks per working day, of which medical masks accounted for 54%. Also In other words, the production capacity of medical masks is 10 million per day.
Now in China, what is the daily demand for masks?
China has a population of 1.4 billion, an urban population of approximately 800 million, and a rural population of approximately 600 million. There are 200 million families in towns and 150 million in rural areas. Assuming that every family has to go out alone and consume one mask every day for various reasons, then China will consume 350 million masks every day.)

Just mentioned, China’s annual protective masks production capacity is 5 billion. According to the proportion of medical protective masks of 54%, the protective masks produced last year can be consumed in China within 8 days. The hospital’s consumption is very large, 10 million daily production, compared with 350 million daily consumption.

This has created a huge gap between supply and demand. Are you interested?

non-medical facial maskProtective Masks

Now we launch this product that can help you earn a lot of money and fame. It can help you and those around you to better protect coronavirus, and can also help you get a lot of benefits.

It is a mask machine, you only need a small amount of investment (buy a mask machine). You can get continuous economic benefits for you.
It can also help people around you to better protect against coronavirus.
It can help you in your future life and get better protection.

mask making machine

In China, masks have helped 1.4 billion people survive the peak of coronavirus. We still consume a lot of masks every day, and masks are still extremely scarce. Its role in the future is unparalleled.
Have you noticed the value?


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