Cobalt-Based Alloy Valve Seat Stellite 3 Carbide Balls

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  • Material :Cobalt Based Alloy
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ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

Stellite3 Carbide Balls

Stellite 3 Carbide Balls Product Features

Cobalt-based alloy valve ball seat high temperature resistance, the strength keeps stable up to 800℃ and it can even

momentarily used at 1200℃.

2. Wear resistance: due mainly to the unique inherent characteristics of the hard carbide

phase dispersed in a CoCr alloy matrix, it has exceptional wear and galling resistance.

3. Corrosion resistance: this exellent and lovely property allows this kind of material parts

to be used in oil&gas, slurry, acid liquid and any other mediums.

 Standard for Stellite 3 Carbide Balls
STELLITE 1BAL332.45132.5*12.5*1
STELLITE 3BAL312.5132.5*12.5*1
STELLITE 4BAL31.51142.0*12.0*1
STELLITE 6BAL281.253.0*12.5*1
STELLITE 12BAL291.8592.5*12.5*1
STELLITE 20BAL332.4517.52.5*12.5*1
STELLITE 21BAL270.255.52.5*13.0*1
STELLITE 31BAL260.57.510.512.0*1
STELLITE 190BAL263.3141.018.00.5
STELLITE 238BAL260.13120.01
STELLITE 306BAL250.426.014.0*1Nb=5
STELLITE 694BAL281195.012.5*1V=1
STELLITE FBAL25.51.7512.2522.511.5*
STELLITE SF1BAL191.3131332.53*0.5Cu=0.5
STELLITE SF6BAL190.77132.51.73*0.5Cu=0.5
STELLITE SF12BAL191913323*0.5Cu=0.5
STELLITE SF20BAL191.51513332*0.5Cu=0.5
TRIBALOY T400BAL80.1*283*2.43*
TRIBALOY T800BAL170.1*283*3.23*
DELORO 150.06*BAL2.01.051.5*20Cu=20
DELORO 220.700.10BAL2.31.75
DELORO 407.00.10BAL3.52.25
DELORO 5010.250.45BAL4.01.854.0
DELORO 6014.250.6BAL2.03.54.0
DELORO 625220.19BAL5
NISTELLE C16.50.12*4.517BAL0.76.0
TRIBALOY T700150.10*32BAL3.25
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Carbide Balls Stellite 3 Carbide Balls
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ZAlCu10 High precision Alu Cast Parts EB9090

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