Portable Mist Sprayer

portable mist sprayer is the best choice for high-efficiency epidemic prevention

In an epidemic situation, there are many things we can do. In addition to the daily prevention of wearing masks and washing hands, we also need a variety of sterilization measures and equipment. For sterilization and disinfection in public places, portable mist sprayer is the best choice for high-efficiency epidemic prevention.

What is the working principle of the Portable Mist Sprayer, and what are the main factors that affect the performance of the fog machine?

When the Portable Mist Sprayer is working, the high-temperature and high-pressure air flow generated by the pulse engine (60 explosions per second) is ejected from the nozzle outlet at high speed.

Portable Mist Sprayer After opening the medicine valve, the air pressure in the medicine box (the engine medicine box is inflated 60 times per second) (Form air pressure) Mix the hydraulic pressure into the explosion tube and mix it with the high-temperature and high-speed airflow.

At the moment of encounter, the liquid is exploded and crushed into micron particles in 1/60 seconds and discharged into the air to cool and form a mist (smoke) from the nozzle It sprays out at medium and high speeds and spreads rapidly. When the object being controlled comes into contact with this mist or smoke, it plays a role in prevention or treatment.

This is how the portable mist sprayer works.

After understanding the Portable Mist Sprayer working principle, let’s take a look at what affects ortable Mist Sprayer performance.

Exhaust gas temperature, gas-liquid ratio, physical properties and thermal stability of the agent will affect the performance of the Portable Mist Sprayer.

When the exhaust temperature is high, it is conducive to the evaporation and cracking of the chemical liquid, forming fine droplets. But when the exhaust temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the decomposition failure of the drug. The larger the gas-liquid ratio (exhaust volume and liquid supply ratio), the finer the droplets; otherwise, the thicker the droplets.

The physical properties of the drug solution are mainly the drug solution with large surface tension, viscosity and specific heat. The diameter of the droplets formed is larger; otherwise, the diameter of the droplets formed is smaller. The thermal stability of the agent is easily decomposed and failed under the action of high-temperature gas.

Portable Mist Sprayer

Portable Mist Sprayer uses modern rocket technology, maintenance-free pulse jet engine, no rotating parts, no wear parts, simple structure, low failure rate, long service life, simple maintenance and high working efficiency. The Portable Mist Sprayer can be water spray and smoke spray.

It is widely used for sanitation, epidemic prevention and disinfection of urban underground roads, stations, docks, airports, garbage dumps, etc. It can also be used for agricultural insecticides and sterilization.

It is a machine that produces a mist by igniting combustible gas through pulse discharge, and then exploding the chemical liquid into particles of 0.5-10 microns at an explosion speed of 100 times per second.

It has the characteristics of labor saving, water saving and wide application range.

The following are the basic parameters of the Portable Mist Sprayer:

Chemical Tank Capacity12L
Petrol Tank Capacity1.7L
TypeTank in shoulder and sprayer in hand
PowerPulse jet engine
PetrolGas above No 92#
Spraying Capacity90-120L/h


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