One Kind Of Implosion Expansion BoltExpansion Bolt

In October 2019, we received a project from a client in the Philippines. What the customer wants is a special tee, each pipe with a certain inclination, has reached the final connection function.
The three links have three openings, namely one entrance and two exits. Or a piece of pipe with two inlet and one outlet, t-shaped and y-shaped, with equal diameter orifice and reducing orifice, used for the convergence of three identical or different pipes. But unlike usual, this time the tee is used as a connector.

Picture of Tee:

According to the customer’s usage, the outer diameter of the tee is 10mm, the wall thickness is 3mm, the size of the inner hole is 4mm, the depth is ≤20mm, and there is an Angle of 120°between each cut. Use H59 copper material.

One Kind Of Implosion Expansion Bolt

Chemical Component of H59:


Mechanical Capacity of H59:

Tensile Strength MPa≥294
Elongation %≥25
Density g/cm³8.5

Picture of tee connection in use:

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