Nickel Metal

The combination of properties that nickel offers has led to nickel forming the basis of a wide range of heat and creep resistant alloys for a varietyof applications.

Additional alloying elements such as cobalt, molybdenum and tungsten provide solid solution strength, aluminium and titanium give precipitation hardening and chromium improves corrosion resistance. Small amounts of carbon, zirconium and boron are important for strength and ductility, while oxide dispersions can provide additional strength and single-crystal components can offer improved creep resistance.

With all these variables, the composition must be carefully balanced and processing tightly controlled. Remarkably, some of these materials can be stronger at very high operating temperatures than mild steel at room temperature. New materials continue to achieve still-higher operating temperatures as new elements are added through research and product development.

With over 150 alloys available within the nickel alloys range, OUR can provide expertise in providing the perfect alloy for your bespoke requirement. Our team of project managers will ensure that your needs are fully met, while drawing on our collective 50 years’ worth of industry experience.

In addition to the specially mill-manufactured products, our holds one of the world’s most comprehensive stocks of high performance alloys as seamless pipes.

The table below shows the stocks that we hold and the applications that they can be used:

Applications for Nickel Alloys
Nickel Alloy
Some Applications
Monel* 400
Shipbuilding offshore and marine technology feed water heaters in fossil fired power stations.
Incoloy* 800/H
Steam generators and feed water heaters in nuclear power plants ammonia plants handling very high temperature fluids.
Incoloy* 825
Nuclear waste re-processing, chemical plant, sour gas oil and gas, pickling plants, concentrated caustic soda
Inconel* 600
Thermal processing, chemical and food processing, nuclear steam generators, moderator coolers
Inconel* 625
Flu Gas scrubbers, super-phosphoric acids, nuclear waste processing, Down-hole equipment in sour gas production. Offshore and onshore piping systems



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