Monel Nickel-Based Alloys

1. Features of Monel:
Compared with steel, the hardness of Monel makes its machining difficult and slower. It needs to work at slow speeds and low feed rates. It is resistant to corrosion and acidic environments and some alloys can withstand fire in pure oxygen. It is often used in applications with strong corrosive conditions. The small supplemental aluminum and titanium have the same corrosion resistance when aged to form an alloy (K-500), but with much greater strength due to the main formation of gamma. Monel is usually much more expensive than stainless steel.

2. Type: Monel alloy is a Ni-Cu series corrosion-resistant alloy. There are two types: processing-hardened type with Monel400, 404, R405 and other grades; precipitation-hardened type with Monel K-500, 502 and other grades. Monel 400 is commonly used. The mechanical properties of K-500 and Monel K-500 are better than Monel 400, but the corrosion resistance is slightly worse.

3.Monel-400 is a single-phase austenitic alloy of Ni-Cu solid solution.It has excellent corrosion resistance and medium temperature strength, especially in medium and high temperature strong acid and alkali media.It can show good corrosion resistance. . Therefore, in recent years, this alloy has been used more and more in the manufacture of some special equipment in China’s petrochemical and nuclear industries.


4. Advantages: Monel alloy has better corrosion resistance to reducing media. It has good stability in many corrosive media such as hydrofluoric acid, alkali, seawater, H2S, H2SO4, H3PO4, and organic acids, especially in hydrogen fluoride The stability in acid and alkali solutions is more outstanding, only inferior to platinum and silver. The alloy has a certain SCC sensitivity, and the operating temperature is <200 ° C.

5. Monel 400 copper-nickel alloy has high strength in a wide temperature range (up to 1000F). Springs made with Monel 400 can be used in corrosive applications up to 450F. The alloy performs very well in high-concentration brine environments. Corrosion rates do not exceed 1 mpy in surging seawater. The most common specification for Monel 400 is ASTM B 164.

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