2400mm meltnlown machine

Highlights of Meltblown Cloth Machine

1. Brief Introduction of Meltblown Cloth Machine

This machine is a gantry type rack with a novel and elegant appearance. Computer digital speed control system, equipped with force sensor and elongation automatic tracking device, with good stability. The electrical appliance adopts a PC and an interface circuit board to collect, store, process and print the test results, and can calculate the basic physical performance parameters of some materials such as force, yield force, average peeling force, and deformation. During the test, the computer collects force values ​​and deformation signals in real time, and the software displays the “force value-displacement” curve. After the test, the parameters are automatically calculated and saved, and the bottom report form required by the user can be printed out.

It is used to determine the mechanical properties of various materials such as tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling.

2. The structural principle of Meltblown Cloth Machine
The main machine is composed of electronic speed control system, transmission mechanism, force measuring system and elongation automatic tracking device.
Electronic speed regulation system: The machine adopts AC speed regulation, the corresponding stretching speed is 1-Xmm / min (X is the user’s bottom requirement), and returns at a high speed.

Transmission mechanism: The belt reduction motor drives the screw drive through the synchronous belt and the pulley, and the two screw rods are driven synchronously through the synchronous belt pulley.
Force measuring system: The load cell is installed on the moving beam of the host (the sensor is only subjected to vertical force, not torsional and directional force) to ensure accurate force measurement. During the test, the force of the sample can be changed from the sensor to an electrical signal input.
Elongation tracking device: This device is used to measure the deformation of the sample. It can be tracked by an external tracker or a built-in tracker. It can also be tracked by the deformation device built in the motor without a tracker.

Meltblown Cloth Machine 2400mm meltnlown machine

3. Meltblown Cloth Machine Main technical parameters

1 Force value resolution: 0.01N
2 System accuracy: less than ± 0.3%
3 Speed ​​range: 0-500mm / min (special requirements can be set separately)
4 Elongation tracking error: ± 0.01mm
5 Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
6 Dimensions (L × W × H): 670 × 600 × 1560
7 Net weight: 150KG

4.Meltblown Cloth Machine Features
Automatic reset: After the computer controls the test command, the system is automatically reset;
High intelligence: After the test is completed, the fracture is automatically identified, and the fixture automatically returns to the initial position
Multi-function: replace different fixtures and perform different tests;
Automatic shift: according to the size of the load, switch between different gears;
Change speed: test speed can be changed at will
Control method: test methods such as test force, test speed, displacement and strain can be selected.
Super function: record test data throughout. Provide functions such as saving, comparing and tracking. You can use the mouse to find the point-by-point force value and deformation data analysis of the test curve, and you can zoom in and compare locally.
Multiple protection: with automatic limit and overload automatic protection function.
Automatic calculation: automatically calculate various test results, and can modify the report arbitrarily
Automatic length measurement: equipped with a high-precision encoder, which automatically measures displacement travel and elongation between punctuation points.
High taste: Carefully carved, smooth lines, coupled with high-precision software and hardware technology and integration capabilities, fully embodies the superb manufacturing process and smart strength.

5. Configuration
1. Longmen double column type.
2. One high-precision sensor
3. High-precision photoelectric automatic tracker
4. The software has functions such as automatic calculation, storage, and comparison
5. Taiwan brand Dongli gear reducer integrated motor
6. High-precision military industrial enterprises produce screw rods
7. Synchronous belt wheel drive, no noise, no vibration, stable operation
8. Special test fixture
9. 19-inch Tsinghua Tongfang LCD computer, HP color printer.


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