Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

In April 16th, EB Machine had sold one automatic face mask making Machine to Italy Sucessfully.

In April 4th, our Italy client had come to our factory to test the face mask machine, following are the photos

Mask Making Machine

Description of Automatic Face Mask Making Machine:

Product: Face mask with ear band
Production capacity: 100 PCS/Min
Machine size: length 6800 mm X width 3800 mm X height 2000 mm
Operating environment requirements: temperature 10-40℃
Distribution requirements: three phase, five-wire system, voltage 380V, 50Hz
Remark: The scheme for the universal standard structure, that is, the mould and cutting size according to the standard.The customer needs to communicate and confirm the special size before signing the contract.
The installation of the equipment in this scheme shall refer to the instructions of the supplier and ensure that there is 1 meter clearance around the machine for maintenance operation.

Material Specification:

Material namespecificationnote
Gram weight
Cutting size
Expendable weight
Non-woven fabric dark color (outer layer)200251750.875commonly is blue
White melt-blown non-woven fabric (filter layer)18022.51750.70875Depends on customer
Light or white non-woven fabric(inner layer)210251750.91875Grams are optional
Ear ribbon150 * 2=3002 elastic cord
nose bridgeoptional(Aluminum or iron wire)


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