Functions of the Liner in the Crusher

For the crusher, the working process is the common function of different internal parts. There are many types of parts in the crusher, but not all parts are involved in the crushing process, and some parts are involved in the crushing of materials. Some parts play a protective role for the equipment, and some parts play a fixed role. These different parts together ensure the safe production process of the equipment. The liner is one of the parts of the machine. Here is the introduction The role of the liner.


First of all, the liner is a protruding piece in the inside of the crusher. Because the equipment is a consumable equipment, that is, when working, the internal parts will gradually wear out as the working time increases. When the wear reaches a certain level At a certain level, the equipment can no longer work smoothly, and the liner can play a protective role inside the equipment, reducing the wear or damage of some parts inside the crusher, which can reduce the impact on the efficiency of the equipment. Reduce the cost of parts maintenance:


Secondly, the lining board can improve the efficiency and productivity of the crusher, because the lining board generally has saw teeth. When the equipment is crushing materials, the saw teeth can effectively crush the materials, and the effect is very obvious, but this effect will make the saw teeth and There is friction between materials, which makes the saw teeth gradually wear and lose their effect. Therefore, better steel plates can be used to process the liner to improve its own hardness and wear resistance. This is also better for the improvement of equipment working strength and productivity. Great help.

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