High Manganese Steel Jaw

[Common alias]: jaw plate, crusher jaw plate, high manganese steel jaw plate, tooth plate
[Main material]: High manganese steel, high manganese steel alloy, Mn13, Mn18, Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2, etc.
[Applicable materials]: Medium-size crushing of various ores and bulk materials such as basalt, limestone, iron ore, river pebble, etc.
[Applicable equipment]: Jaw crusher, Metso Jaw crusher

EB adopts materials: Mn13, Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2, the jaw crusher jaw plate has exquisite workmanship, rigorous ingredients, proper heat treatment, and the service life of the high manganese steel jaw plate is more than 50% more wear-resistant than similar products.

High Manganese Steel Jaw Structure and characteristics:
1. We use advanced material chemical composition design, through scientific and strict smelting, casting, heat treatment process design and production management, high wear resistance and long service life. Compared with ordinary jaws, the service life is increased by more than 3 times.
2. The cold work hardening technology makes the jaw plate continuously harder under pressure and improves the smoothness of the jaw plate.
3. As a commonly used material for jaw plates of jaw crushers, high manganese steel has good toughness and excellent deformation and hardening ability.
4. On the basis of the original high manganese steel, the new high-performance composite material has broken the record of 1.5 times the service life of high manganese steel castings. This has to be attributed to the inherent advantages of high manganese steel.
5. The use of high manganese steel jaws doubles the production efficiency of jaw crushers, which is not only safer and more reliable than ordinary jaws, but also reduces the cost of wear of wear-resistant castings by more than half.

High Manganese Steel Jaw

High Manganese Steel Jaw Technical Parameters:

ModelInlet size(mmMaximum feed size(mm)row material mouth range(mm)Processing capacity(t/h)Eccentric shaft speed(r/min)Motor Power(kw)total weight(t)Dimensions (length × width × height)(mm)

High manganese steel is the traditional material of jaw plate of jaw crusher. It has good toughness and good deformation and hardening ability. However, due to the unreasonable structure of the current jaw crusher, the opening angle between the moving and fixed jaw plates is too large, which is easy to cause the sliding of the abrasive and the deformation and hardening of the high manganese steel is insufficient, the surface hardness of the jaw plate is low, and the abrasive short-cut cutting amount Larger, faster jaw wear.

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