High Chromium Casting

High-chromium alloy casting and forging, high-chromium castings is called high-chromium casting or steel castings, and is a chromium-based white cast iron. It is a kind of grinding medium among ordinary white cast iron and nickel hard white iron developed from the third generation of chromium-based wear-resistant materials.
At present, most of wear-resistant materials enterprises are smelting and microalloying treatment of high-quality scrap steel, chrome alloy and other alloy materials after matching with medium frequency electric furnace, and then re-use sand casting, and then high temperature quenching back The martensite matrix is obtained by fire treatment to achieve higher hardness and wear resistance.

High Chromium Casting High Chromium Casting

The high-chromium castings shape is geometrically cylindrical and the low-chromium casting shape is push-type (tapered).
Whether it is high chrome casting or low chrome forgings, the chemical composition and physical and chemical properties of steel forging produced by various wear-resistant materials manufacturers are mainly referred to GB/T17445-2009 national standards for casting grinding balls or DB34/T1119-2010 grinding and forging standards.

In the casting and forging standard:

Low chromium wrought chromium is 0.5%-2.2%, hardness HRC≥45:
Content of wrought chromium in multi-component alloy is 4%-6%, hardness HRC≥48:
medium chromium alloy casting chromium content 7%-10%, hardness HRC≥50:
high chromium alloy casting content ≥10%-14%, hardness HRC≥62:
special high chromium castings chromium content of more than 14%, hardness HRC≥62.

High Chromium Casting High Chromium Casting

In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, resource industries such as cement, metallurgy and mining have been booming, and steel forging application manufacturers are increasing.
The advent of high-chromium forgings ​not only improves the grinding efficiency, reduces the time for stopping the ball and the number of starts and stops, but also prolongs the clearance period and reduces the labor intensity of the workers.
At the same time, it increases the output of the mill, ensures the quality of the abrasives, and reduces the power consumption and grinding. Body consumption has important implications. Especially in the cement mill Ersancang and the metallurgical ore dressing plant, the second and third sections of the grinding mine use effect is more significant. reached above 62HRC (impact value ≥4.0J/cm).

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