Introduction and application of high chromium cast iron materials

  1. introduction to materials

High chromium cast iron is the third generation of wear – resistant material after common white cast iron and nickel hard cast iron.It is much higher than alloy steel wear resistance, much higher than the general white cast iron toughness, strength, at the same time it also has good resistance to high temperature and corrosion performance, in addition to convenient production, moderate cost, and is known as one of the best contemporary wear materials.

The good wear resistance of high chromium cast iron mainly depends on its matrix structure and the type and distribution of carbides.High chromium cast iron is a multi-component alloy with Fe, Cr and C as the basic components.The matrix of newly solidified high chromium cast iron is austenite, which is stable only when heated to a higher temperature and saturated with C, Cr and other elements.As the temperature drops, the austenite changes.Under normal conditions, the high chromium cast iron presents the multi-phase structure dominated by austenite. The cast iron of this kind of structure can be used at high temperature, which can give full play to the potential of the material itself.

II. Material application

  1. Application of high chromium cast iron grinding ball in ball mill

Ball mill is cement, power, mining and other industries grinding process of the main equipment, ball mill is one of the main vulnerable parts of the ball mill.The grinding ball should have high wear resistance and toughness.Its wear resistance to the production of a very important role.Therefore, it is very important to improve its hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance.In order to improve the densification and reduce hot cracking of cast iron balls, Changzhi iron & steel (group) co., LTD improved the chemical composition and uniformity of cast iron balls by adding different rare earth elements.It has been successfully used in the ball mill for cement production, and the wear resistance of the ball has been significantly improved.The inspection plant of aluminum corporation of China Guangxi branch has successfully developed and put into production a kind of grinding ball, it is made of specially high chromium wear-resisting alloy cast iron, because it has good wear resistance and toughness, the grinding ball made by it has been applied in the ball mill of the raw material workshop of the company’s alumina plant, and obtained great success.The application of the grinding ball made of this wear-resistant material has created a good economic benefit, which can be expressed as adding less than half of the original ball.Anhui university of science and technology cooperation with huai chemical group co., thermal power plant of high chromium cast iron grinding ball in huai group Φ 3.2 m ball mill is used, a thermal power plant outage check open no obvious breakage deformation grinding balls, broken rate is less than 0.5%, use effect is good.When using high chromium cast iron grinding balls, the actual working conditions must be considered.Especially with its matching liner must have enough hardness, otherwise wear too fast.How to deal with the hardness and toughness, hardenability and alloy element content of the two pairs of contradictions has been the actual production of unresolved problems, usually high hardness is low toughness, high crushing rate;The high content of alloying elements increases the hardenability, but the cost increases.

  1. Application of high chromium cast iron in cement mill

The cement grinding roller liner of mn-al composite high chromium cast iron is not ideal for the hardenability and wear resistance of thick and heavy castings. It is only suitable for castings with effective section of 100mm-140mm.High chromium cast iron with high impact resistance is required for roller liner with thick section for large cement vertical mill.Developed by shenyang heavy machinery group co., LTD., the high chromium cast iron liner has been used in various series vertical mill and medium speed mill.

  1. Application of high chromium cast iron in jaw plate of crusher

With the increase of crusher size and the improvement of mechanization, the wear resistance of jaw plate becomes more and more prominent.Because of the poor wear resistance of the jaw plate, resulting in frequent replacement, not only increased the cost of mining, but also reduced productivity, increased labor intensity of workers, therefore, to improve the wear resistance of the jaw plate has caused people’s attention.Beijing metallurgical equipment research institute has produced a batch of high chromium cast iron jaw plates for the Yellow River gold mine in henan province, which are used for crushing gold ores and have a service life more than three times that of high manganese steel.The wear resistance of high chromium cast iron jaw plate developed by jiangxi institute of science in hukeng tungsten mine is more than twice higher than that of high manganese steel.High chromium cast iron

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