Questions about Heat Treatment Tooling

The production of the workpiece cannot be separated from the heat treatment, and the heat treatment can not be separated from the heat treatment tooling. The conclusion is that the heat treatment of the workpiece will directly affect the quality of the workpiece. In short, these aspects are interrelated. There are two problems to be solved below, both of which are about heat treatment tooling.

Heat Treatment Tooling

1. What material should be used for the material tray frame of heat treatment tooling?
Technical personnel with rich experience told us that since the heat treatment material frame does not require thermal expansion and contraction, the comparative material does not have strict requirements. Generally, ordinary A3 steel is used to achieve long service life and deformation. Advantages of small size and low cost.
2. What factors are related to the service life of heat treatment tooling?
Heat treatment tooling plays an important role in heat treatment and is closely related to the quality of heat treatment. The heat treatment tooling is mostly made of high-cost heat-resistant steel. Therefore, only by extending the service life can the cost be reduced to a certain extent. Closely related to this aspect should be the thermal cycle, because for heat-resistant steel, the ideal state is to work continuously at a certain temperature, so a good thermal cycle can ensure the life of the heat-resistant steel, thereby ensuring the heat treatment tooling Service life.

Heat Treatment Tooling

What material is better for heat treatment fixtures :

Do not use medium and high carbon steel or alloy steel, including heat-resistant steel, and use low carbon steel such as A3 for economical and practical use. Because heat-treated tooling fixtures need to be repeatedly heated-cooled (quenched) for long-term use, the structure change should be as small as possible, so as to achieve no shape or deformation, and to ensure the safety of the fixture. The deformation of the fixture is also closely related to the design of the fixture. (1) If the material is used for tooling, it should be: ①easy for hoisting, suitable for heating and cooling of the workpiece, which can prevent or reduce deformation; ②can be used repeatedly, the tooling itself will not be deformed after repeated heating, with less oxide scale, and no failure; Easy to process and manufacture, and low cost. Gray cast iron (casting), low carbon steel (welding), general steel products, the crystal structure at room temperature is α-Fe, body-centered cubic lattice, the structure is ferrite pearlite or martensite, etc.; and 1Cr18Ni9Ti It belongs to austenitic stainless steel, the crystal structure is still γ-Fe at room temperature, the face-centered cubic lattice, and the structure is single-phase austenite. The reason is that it has a low phase transition point. After heating and cooling until room temperature no phase transition occurs, the crystal structure does not change. General heat treatment can be used as solution treatment.

Heat Treatment Tooling

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