Heat treat fixtures

Heat treat fixtures used in production can be divided into two categories: general fixtures and special fixtures.
Heat treatment tooling manufacturers tell you what are the requirements for Heat treat fixtures?

Heat treat fixtures

(1) Good heat resistance Generally, the tooling that carries the workpiece at high temperature requires good heat resistance and certain corrosion resistance to prevent serious oxidation, and some also require carburization resistance. In order to meet these requirements, it is generally considered from the choice of materials. Therefore, the cost of materials is relatively high.
(2) A certain high-temperature strength High-temperature strength means that the heat treatment tool for loading the workpiece can bear the weight of the heated workpiece when heated for a long time at high temperature, and the tooling will not be severely deformed or even fall apart. The high-temperature strength of the heat treatment tooling is ensured by the material and the structure of the tooling, but if the structure is too strong, the weight will be large and the heat absorbed will increase the unit energy consumption of the workpiece, the heating time is prolonged, and the production cost will rise.
(3) Lower material and manufacturing cost. Heat treat fixtures is a kind of vulnerable parts. The main failure mode is high temperature oxidation and thinning, and the strength is seriously reduced. Welding and casting methods are commonly used to make tooling. Controlling tooling materials and tooling production costs is an important aspect of controlling heat treatment production costs.

Heat treatment fixtures

Knowledge of selection of Heat treat fixtures
1. Important performance required by heat treatment tooling at high temperature
1. Thermal strength
2. Antioxidant ability
3. Thermal cycle resistance (thermal shock)
4. Resistance to carburizing atmosphere
5. Resistance to corrosion in sulfur and other atmospheres
6. Ability to resist grain growth
7. Ability to resist size changes

Heat treat fixtures

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