Heat-resistant Grate Plate

In the hammer crusher grate plate and hammer head, rotor will affect the hammer crusher work efficiency and productivity.

The function of the grate bars on the grate plate in the hammer crusher is to screen the finished products and control the granularity of the products.However, if the grate plate is worn, the normal production will be affected.

Therefore, in the actual operation, it is very important to learn how to solve the problem of heat-resistant grate plate damage to ensure the normal production of hammer crusher.

In the choice of high performance crusher, at the same time to find some ways to reduce the damage of the heat-resistant grate plate.

When the grate plate of the hammer crusher is damaged, the main performance is the fracture of the grate frame body rib plate, the grate bar is bent or broken, the main reason is that the hammer crusher rib plate protruding too high, the strength is not enough, when there is a metal block into the hammer crusher and the hammer head hit, resulting in the damage of the grate plate.

In addition, when there are hard materials or unbreakable materials into the crushing chamber, it will also increase the damage to the grate plate, the material in the crushing chamber to jam the grate plate load, easy to cause damage to the heat-resistant Grate Plate.

The following points are summarized:
1. After the hammer crusher is installed, before the normal production, it is necessary to check whether the crushing chamber is clean, and clean out the foreign body or parts
2. Moderately reduce the height of the hammer-crusher’s rib plate, take 50mm higher than the grate bar as the standard, can also be welded in the side of the rib plate is conducive to strengthening the reinforcing plate of the rib plate strength, in order to effectively strengthen the Heat-resistant Grate Plate wear resistance and resistance to beating
3. During the operation of production, the operator often checks. If abnormal sound is found, it needs to stop for inspection
4. To minimize the occurrence of metal blocks entering the hammer crusher, the raw materials can be used before the crusher using magnetic separator equipment to remove iron blocks and other unbreakable objects.

Heat-resistant steel grate plate

Heat-resistant Grate Plate is actually porous plate, there are a lot of dense mesh, in some operations, easy to screen, slag and other work,what is the characteristic?
1, heat resistant steel grate plate wear resistance, long service life, is the metal screen more than ten times, is the ordinary rubber plate 3-5 times, is the stainless steel 2-3 times.
2, absorption and noise reduction, tons of ore consumption is lower than the metal screen screen.
3, high manganese steel screen plate is cleaned automatically, due to the characteristics of polyurethane secondary vibration so that the hole is not blocked, high screening efficiency.
4. Good wet-resistance and wear-resistance.
From the introduction, it can be seen that the sieve plate is mainly used to screen impurities of a special porous plate, its use efficiency is high, can screen different impurities, so as to maintain the purity, mineral processing industry will often use it to do screening work

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