On June 13th, our company ushered in the birthdays of two colleagues. They had a very wonderful fate and were born on the same day in the same hometown. The wonderful fate made them all come to Eternal Bliss Alloy Casting & Forging Co.,LTD.

We hosted a birthday party for them at the company. Manager Zhu sent a congratulatory message to his birthday friends and brought them warmth and blessings. Friends from all departments attended the birthday party and expressed sincere wishes to the two small birthday stars. This activity is very meaningful, he let us really feel the warmth of a big family. Thank you for your love, we will work harder. Our company will hold such a birthday queuing event for the upcoming birthday partners.

All of our colleagues sang a happy birthday song for two birthday girls, and everyone was very excited. After singing the birthday song, two little birthday stars cut the cake for us, and we can’t wait to taste the delicious cake.



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