About the impact of the disease period on the production of EBcasting?

Answer: We have fully entered the production mode

Hello investors! According to the notice of the General Office of the People’s Government. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic and effectively maintain the safety and health of employees, the company actively implements professional and systematic epidemic prevention measures. The company will effectively implement group prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of regional management to promote safe and orderly restoration of work and production. Regarding the impact of the epidemic on the company’s production and operation, in the short term, it mainly affects the delivery of orders on hand. However, in the medium and long term, major customer orders are not affected, which can effectively protect customer demand, and this impact is controllable. Mainly based on the following points:

1. Delivery of orders to major customers was not affected. The company has a wealth of operating cash flow and has prepared sufficient reserves many years ago to ensure supply for about a month and effectively guarantee delivery.

2. The company is opening up internal resource allocation to effectively carry out localization services. The orders of major customers are not affected, which effectively guarantees the signing of subsequent orders.

3. In terms of delivery protection, the company has arranged to report to the government in order to deliver the urgent delivery items and overseas orders that are really needed during the extended holiday period, and then carry out inventory delivery. In order to ensure that production and operations can be resumed quickly after the epidemic is under control, and to gain market initiative, everyone in EBcasting Material Technology Co., Ltd. has started to use an online office model to serve the market and customers.

4. In terms of supply chain security, we made comprehensive preparations at the initial stage and made arrangements and layouts. The company’s international business unit is currently processing through the network to effectively ensure a timely and secure supply chain and ensure that production delivery is on schedule. Through scientific arrangements and rational allocation of personnel, inventory and raw materials.

5. Now the domestic epidemic situation has been well controlled, and the company and the factory have taken safety precautions in accordance with relevant regulations. Investors are welcome to order our products here. Thank you for your interest in EBcasting Limited company.