EB Casting Is Proud of You

Time does not live, god rewards the diligent, hard work, a harvest.EB CASTING is your pride. On October 25, 2019, EB Casting’ September Sales Award Ceremony came to a perfect conclusion.

Unity is power,we are an excellent and passionate team. Wisdom and strength create miracles. Actively cooperate with customers to carry out work,we achieve unity and cooperation in the work. Solid efforts in spite of difficulties, forge ahead. The following tean is awarded TOP TEAM.









Steadfast one step a footprint as long as have faith in the heart, the front have a dream, any difficult to resist the advance footsteps. Actively explore the market. Increase customer group. Who says women weaker than men. You use orders to the company’s performance to prove you are worthy of sales champion. Ms. Hu Mengdi wins TOP SALES in September.

With the idea of “everything depends on me”, she urges and sharpens the team with her own character and intention.Be eager to help team members solve problems.Unreservedly imparting experience. Gu Ming was awarded the title of excellent TEAM LEADER in September 2019 by the leader who had no feed-back.

Brilliant stars, who is the real hero, I believe everyone has eyes resonance, the road to success is not plain sailing, encountered difficulties in common setbacks.Thank manager Zhu and manager Liu for their leadership, let us work together to create brilliant.

EB Casting

Lunch buffet lunch is also very rich.

We enjoy the Big Day!