Ways to extend the life of your drilling rig

I. Regularly check the main structural condition of the drilling rig, structural connection bolts, structural component connecting pins, welds of various structural components, basket structure and safety protection conditions, especially before entering the site, please have a qualified unit Its safety performance is tested, and it can be used only after passing;
2. Regularly check the status of various power heads, working cylinders and drilling rods;
3.check the consolidation of the rope end at any time;

drilling rig
4. The contents of wire rope inspection are: the number of wire rope safety laps, the selection, installation, and lubrication of wire ropes, the inspection of wire rope defects, such as wire rope diameter and wear, and the number of wire breaks;
5. Regularly check the reel anti-rope shedding device of the hoist, the height of the edges on both sides, the condition of the reel wall, and the number of weeks of the tail of the wire rope on the reel, especially the condition of the brake port should be checked at any time as a key item ;
6. Check the pulley system at any time. The main inspection items are: the condition of the pulley body, the anti-jumping device of the transition pulley;
7. check the walking system at any time, the main inspection items are: track chassis, bearing lubrication;
8.the inspection of electrical systems, the main inspection items are: dedicated electrical box settings and short-circuit protection and leakage protection devices, emergency power-off switches, electrical box shock absorbing devices, work equipment cable fixing, lighting lines, grounding lines are strictly prohibited Zero flow, etc.

9.establish and maintain a maintenance account, detailed replacement records should be recorded to ensure that the spare parts are used within the validity period, or at any time to grasp the next replacement time;
10. Any machinery that is found to be faulty shall be stopped immediately and shall not be used until the fault is eliminated.
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