Anchor Rig Construction

For the safety of your and your employees’ lives and property, and the long-term trouble-free use of the rig, please be sure to understand the precautions prepared before the rig is turned on and strictly abide by it.

  1. Level the site to make the rig stable.
  2. Check whether the connecting bolts of all parts of the drilling rig are tight. If they are loose, they should be tightened and adjusted.
  3. Check whether the transmission components are stuck, and whether the protective covers and oil pipes are installed correctly.
  4. Check whether the position of each joystick is in the stop position and cannot be in the working state to prevent accidents.
  5. Check whether the oil pipe joints are loose. If they are loose, tighten and adjust them.
  6. Whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank reaches the specified oil level position, the oil tank inlet and outlet valve must be in the open position.
  7. The surface of each part of the unit is scrubbed and cleaned, and the oil nozzles and sliding parts are filled with lubricating oil.
  8. When the motor is turned on, first it can only be jogged to start for a short time. It should be noted that the direction of rotation of the fan blade of the motor is consistent with the indicated direction, and it must never be reversed for a long time.
  9. There should be enough hydraulic oil in the oil tank, which should be higher than 2/3 of the liquid level gauge (you can directly buy 1 barrel about 200L, 175 kg). There is a liquid level thermometer on the side of the oil tank to show the oil level.

drilling rig

Selection of hydraulic oil: when the ambient temperature is –10 ~ 40 ℃, L-HM46 hydraulic oil (GB11118.1-1994) or YB-N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil (GB2512-81) can be used; when the ambient temperature is At –40 ~ –10 ℃, L-HV46 hydraulic oil (GB11118.1-1994) or other low temperature hydraulic oil can be used instead. Generally, it is necessary to clean the oil tank to remove impurities in the hydraulic oil for about one month of continuous construction of the drilling rig; the filter at the oil suction area of ​​the oil pump is generally disassembled and cleaned for half a month.

  1. Check if there is any oil leakage, and confirm to start the machine when there is no oil leakage.
  2. Construction in a cold environment, start and stop when starting the oil pump, repeated several times; construction in high-season season, the top of the oil tank should be attached to the sunscreen device (users to resolve).
  3. If the rig is not used for a long time, after starting the motor, the oil pump should be kept running at no load for about 10 minutes. At this time, the handles are in the middle position, and then check whether the action of the control handles is consistent with the indication label.
  4. After the rig is turned on, when the power head is operated in forward and reverse directions, one handle should not be turned forward and the other should be reversed. Pressure boost is also.
  5. The turntable can turn 0 ~ 90 °. After aligning the holes, tighten the pressure plate bolts of the turntable base. Note that the power feed movement of the power head should not be blocked.
  6. When adjusting the hole, the rig should pay attention to the smoothness of the oil pipes without interference. As far as possible, push the front end of the propelling frame against the orifice. To increase stability.
  7. According to the parameters on the parameter plate, it is normal to test the power head to quickly pressurize and lift, and whether the speed regulation feed can be steplessly regulated. Because the parameters on the parameter plate are determined based on the hydraulic components entering normal use, and the efficiency of the hydraulic system is uncertain, it is normal for the relative error of the actual parameters and the calibration parameters to be within 15% when the drilling rig is commissioned.

After the above actions are normal, the drilling rig can enter the construction.


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