Reasons for slippage of engineering drill bits


When the engineering rig is operating, sometimes the drill bit slips, so why does the drill bit slip? Here are the reasons for the slippage of the engineering rig drill bit:

1.When using the friction rod to drill the mud layer of the water pile, pay attention to the depth of each bucket. If the single bucket is too deep, the bucket is filled with soil at this time. Continue to drill the cut soil and there is no place to hold it The dross inlet of the drill bucket accumulates in front of the bucket teeth. When the accumulated soil reaches a certain amount, the height of the soil and the bucket teeth is equal and forms a whole. At this time, the bucket teeth have lost the cutting effect. Under the lubrication of mud or water, the drill bucket cannot continue to drill. Therefore, when the bucket bottom is closed by reversing, the bucket bottom has no resistance at this time, so the bucket bottom will contact The bucket is turned upside down and cannot be closed.


2.After reversing, the main roll is lifted. When the bucket is lifted in mud or water, because the mud or water has a certain resistance, this resistance will produce a downward force on the dregs in the bucket. The drill pipe is tapered. If the rotary digging speed is too fast, the slag inside the bucket will not be squeezed tightly; on the contrary, the slag inside the bucket will fall out. Therefore, not every time the bucket bottom is closed, the slag can fall out.


3.At this time, the dropped slag has lost the original integrity of the solid soil, so after the second drilling, the tooth tip is directly inserted into the slag, and the bottom surface of the bucket is directly pressed on the slag. When the slag soil is not compressed, the plane of the bottom plate is supported by the slag soil, and the bucket teeth are repeatedly rotated in the groove that has been drawn.


4.The prevention of slipping can be overcome, combined with the depth of the single bucket on the display. Although the drilling resistance of the mud layer is small, as the slag inside the drill bucket increases, resistance to the slag inlet will be generated, so the drilling resistance is increased. The sound of the planetary reducer on the power head changes with the resistance, so listen to the sound of the power head Can determine the amount of footage. When the drilling resistance increases, the speed of the power head also decreases, so the amount of footage can also be determined by the speed of the drill pipe.

The above is an analysis of the causes of the slippage of the engineering rig drill bit. I hope to help everyone.

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