Electrolytic Copper

Electrolytic purification of copper: thick copper (containing 99% copper) is pre-made into a thick plate as an anode, pure copper is made into a thin plate as a cathode, and a mixed solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and copper sulfate (CuSO4) is used as an electrolyte.

After being energized, copper dissolves into copper ions (Cu) from the anode and moves to the cathode. After reaching the cathode, it obtains electrons and precipitates pure copper (also called electrolytic copper) at the cathode.
Electrolytic copper is a non-ferrous metal that has a very close relationship with humans, and is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, defense industry and other fields. So what are the specific uses of electrolytic copper in these industries?
The main uses of electrolytic copper in the electrical industry are various cables and wires, windings of motors and transformers, switches, and printed circuit boards.

In the light industry, the heat exchangers of air conditioners and refrigerators are all shaped copper with high thermal conductivity. In the machinery manufacturing industry, electrolytic copper is mainly used to manufacture industrial valves and fittings, instruments, sliding bearings, molds, heat exchangers and pumps; in the construction industry, it is mainly used as various pipes, pipe fittings, decorative devices, etc .

In the defense industry, electrolytic copper is mainly used to manufacture bullets, artillery shells, gun parts, etc. In fact, the use of electrolytic copper is far more than that, electrolytic copper has a very large demand in the chemical industry, handicraft manufacturing, energy, petrochemicals and so on.

Copper Electrolytic Copper

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