Bimetal Hammer Head

Hammer head is a key component on the hammer crusher used in building materials, mining, chemical industry, etc. It is also a wearing part. The traditional hammer head is mostly cast with high-manganese steel, and the high-manganese steel is used to improve the wear resistance under the impact load, but its wear resistance is far from being suitable for the modern production demand of high efficiency and low consumption. Due to the short life of the hammer and frequent replacement, the equipment operation rate is reduced.
Therefore, it is necessary to seek a new material and new technology to improve the function and service life of the hammer.

When the hammer head does not change its surface shape at the beginning of the work, the hammer head is mainly subjected to impact wear, and the material impacts the metal surface with a positive force to cause plastic deformation and impact craters.
When the working surface of the hammer head is ground into an arc, the surface force changes at this time. The former has an impact on the hammer head, and the latter causes cutting and erosion on the hammer surface.
Although the impact of the material can produce a certain amount of work hardening, the impact force is not enough to form a solid hardened layer on the working surface of the hammer head, resulting in insufficient wear resistance of the hammer head.

Bimetal Hammer HeadBimetal Hammer Head

Main Material Bimetal Hammer Head:
Advantage of Bimetal Hammer Head

The traditional raw material of the hammer head is a kind of pure austenitic wear-resistant steel with excellent mechanical properties.
Its tensile strength can reach above 1000MPa, the elongation can reach 100%, and the impact toughness reaches 300J/ Cm2, hardness up to 200HB. Chromium cast iron is an excellent wear-resistant material, but it has low resistance.
The impact toughness is usually 5-7 J /cm2, which is prone to cracking when impacted.
The refore, high chromium cast iron is used as the hard point of the working end, and high manganese steel is used as the supporting phase and the hammer hand.
The high-chromium cast iron and high-manganese steel are used to produce the bimetal wear-resistant hammer head, and the joint surface is metallurgical joint, which can better meet the requirements of the hammer head.

Bimetal Hammer Head

Hammer Head:

Therefore, it is not difficult to conclude that the reason why the bimetallic hammer can have such superiority is mainly due to two factors:
one is the production of materials, the bimetallic hammer is made of two metals, two The metal materials have their own characteristics and have strong wear resistance.
The second is the production process. The hammer head is processed by the composite casting process. The two metal materials need to be well combined, which requires a superb manufacturing process.
The two metals blend well and can take on new roles.


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