Ball Mill Steel Balls

[Common aliases]: Ball mill steel balls, mill steel ball, steel ball liner, high chromium alloy steel ball, medium chromium alloy steel ball, low chromium alloy steel ball, wear-resistant steel ball
[Applicable equipment]: Ball mill, cement mill, coal mills
[Main material]: High chromium, medium chromium, low chromium, alloy steel ball
[Applicable materials]: Widely used in powder preparation and ultra-fine deep processing in cement building materials, metal mines, coal slurry thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coatings, light industrial papermaking, magnetic materials and other industries

Ball mill steel balls is the grinding material medium of the ball mill equipment. The friction between the steel ball and the material of the ball mill produces the grinding effect. Important basic parts, especially the precision industrial steel ball, play a huge role in the development of the national economy. effect. It is widely used in cement plants, power plants, etc. High and low chromium multi-element alloy steel balls, high and low chromium multi-element alloy forging.
EB produces ball mill steel balls with high hardness, low abrasion, good toughness, less crushing and high quality. The steel balls will not be deformed or out of round from beginning to end, increasing the specific surface area of ​​the cement and the recovery rate of concentrate, at the same time increasing the production capacity of the mill, extending the service life of the mill liner, and greatly reducing the production cost of the enterprise.

Ball Mill Steel Balls Technical Parameters:


Ball Mill Steel Balls

Only part of the ball mill steel ball models are listed here. As the product performance is constantly improving, if you need to know more about it, please visit our factory!

Ball Mill Steel Balls Structure and characteristics:
1. The smelting, microalloying treatment, quenching and tempering of high-quality scrap steel, chromium alloy and other alloy materials in the intermediate frequency electric furnace, and then casting with a steel mold;
2. Constant temperature pouring method pouring to ensure that the product has no quality defects such as sand inclusion, pores, and collapse;
3. Heat treatment and tempering process can change the internal structure of the sphere, reduce the stress in the sphere, ensure the crushing rate, and further improve the performance after tempering;
4. The front and back of the furnace, semi-finished products and finished products are all tested by advanced spectroscopy to ensure stable chemical composition and performance.


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