Bai Tuan Regiment Battles

Bai Tuan is Alibaba’s practical training product for foreign trade enterprises to improve their market competitiveness and performance. Through 1-6 months of training, communication, and PK, they can truly enhance the exposure, inquiry, and transaction of foreign trade enterprises. go toward success! Hundred Regiments is a competition organized by Alibaba against outstanding employees of foreign trade companies. The purpose of the competition is to enable foreign trade personnel to develop their potential and improve themselves, and indirectly cultivate excellent employees for enterprises.

Bai Tuan

In 2020,Bai Tuan during the epidemic, the company participated in the Hundred Regiments Battle held by Ali in March. On March 1, 2020, we made an order to open the door, and saw the hope of victory on the face of our colleagues. Colleagues strive to send development letters every day, contact customers, and make quotations. After completing the order and drying the orders every morning, after a whole month of hard work, after all, we have paid off our efforts. We have achieved excellent results, and the company won the “Head Wolf Award”. Employee Liu Dongqing has excellent work and achievements in the 100-team battle Outstanding, was rated as “Excellent Employee”


Although it was during the intense fighting during the epidemic, we did not lack the joy of life. Enrich the corporate employee culture.

In the Internet era, e-commerce is gradually changing people’s lives and consumption habits. The participants of the Hundred Regiments War have an excited feeling: the pursuit, focus, and joy of success! After the baptism of the Alibaba Hundred Regiments, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of the sword in the future.


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