1600 Melt-blown Cloth Machine

On May 27, 2020, our Ukrainian representative and his colleagues visited the production workshop of the 1600 melt-blown cloth machine in our Wuxi factory and the production workshop of the users we are using the 1600 melt-blown cloth machine.

First of all, we took the representative of Ukraine to visit the production line of  melt-blown cloth machine, the composition of 1600 melt-blown cloth machine and how the 1600 melt-blown cloth machine works. The engineers of our melt-blown cloth machine introduced the composition and operation of the 1600 melt-blown cloth machine in detail, as well as the most important parts of the melt-blown cloth machine and how to maintain our 1600 melt-blown cloth machine in use later.

Next, we took the Ukrainian representative to the user who is producing the meltblown cloth with the 1600 meltblown cloth machine to see the production process of our 1600 meltblown cloth machine. We also checked the meltblown cloth with our Ukrainian representative The quality of the test in our user’s laboratory is very good, and the quality of the meltblown cloth is quite high. The Ukrainian representative was very satisfied and took a meltblown cloth back to be tested again.

Finally, we had a simple meeting with representatives of Ukraine. We answered some customer questions about our 1600 meltblown cloth machine. Of course, we have exchanged questions. After I came back, I compiled and wrote an official meeting record for our Ukrainian representatives. I hope our Ukrainian representatives can clearly remember the information they need. After a pleasant meeting, we had a pleasant lunch with the Ukrainian representatives and sent our Ukrainian representatives to the station.

Our company is a listed group company. We started to produce only machines in the 1980s. We started producing melt-blown cloth machines in February this year. We also produce KN95 mask machines, 3-layer disposable mask machines, 1600 melt-blown cloth machines and 2400 Melt-blown cloth machine, look forward to all friends to consult the melt-blown cloth machine.

1600 Melt-blown Cloth Machine


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