On April 13, 2019, we organized a deliberate barbecue at Gonghu Bay Park. We rode together to our destination, and as soon as we got out of the car, the warm spring wind blew in front of us with the smell of barbecue.

The company’s colleagues assembled and started renting barbecues, tables and the like. After the rent began to wash the food, full of bags of food, a variety of fruit, chicken, beef, chicken claws, ham. There must be a lot of brain and energy wasted this time by colleagues who are in charge of buying food materials. It’s very hard.

Barbecue also requires experience and method. It is impossible to bake delicious food with bamboo sticks in a hasty way. From time to time, pay attention to the fire and oil to prevent the food from scorching. So thank you very much for our colleagues at the barbecue.

The smell of barbecue slowly came out, and everyone couldn’t wait to take out chopsticks to taste the delicacies, a word “incense”.

After we had enough to eat, we played cards, the whole barbecue was full of laughter, mutual understanding, we are very happy to play.

After the barbecue, the manager showed us around the park, enjoyed a lot of beauty, took a lot of interesting photos.

In short, this event has been a complete success, held a barbecue to enhance the friendship between colleagues, enhance the team spirit, promote the enthusiasm of colleagues, look forward to the next company activities.



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