Melting aluminum pot is one of the main smelting equipment of aluminum alloy, because Cr, Si, Al series heat resistant iron pot production cost is high, manufacturing iron pot is easy to produce cracking .Therefore, in reality, most cast aluminum melting POTS are produced with low cost and convenient gray cast iron crucible, but the heat resistance life is short.In the case of gray cast iron, coated casting can make the life of molten aluminum pot longer.

Material: alloy steel, carbon steel, ductile iron, gray iron

Quality standard: according to national and international standards;

Production technology: sand casting;

Machining process: such as flange surface processing, including drilling and threading.

Trends in material selection: cast steel has significant advantages over heat-resistant cast iron in terms of service life, maintenance, and cost efficiency.Therefore cast steel molten aluminum pot is more and more widely used.Cast steel has a better chance of repair than other materials because it is easy to weld.

Aluminum Pot
Aluminum Pot 

Featured services:

1. We use sand casting process to produce large alloy steel melting aluminum pot castings;

2. We can supply finished alloy steel castings, including heat treatment and processing technology;

3. We can produce alloy steel castings according to American ASTM A27, GB/T 20878, DIN 17440, DIN 17224, AISI, ASTM, JIS suh35, NF a35-572/584, BS970, BS1449, ISO 683/13 and other standards.

4. The maximum single weight of molten aluminum pot is up to 300 tons.


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