Welding Rod knowledge

I believe that all welders know that the welding rod is a welder must be used when welding, welding tongs connected to the electrode can start to work on the workpiece,However, welders, did you use the right type of welding rod?The use of welding rod is very exquisite!The welding strength cannot be guaranteed by using the wrong welding rod material.Are you annoyed that you need to polish again?If it is a large welding work is not good, the welding place will be split, serious may cause their own and other people’s lives and property safety accidents.

Introduction of Welding Rod:

Welding technology is often used in modern industry, welding in many places will be used, the object of welding is metal, welding process has an essential thing, that is, welding rod.

A welding electrode is a molten electrode coated with a coating for welding electrode arc welding. It is composed of a coating and a welding core.The metal core covered by the coating in the welding rod is called the core.The core is generally a steel wire with a certain length and straight.

The welding core converts electric energy into thermal energy by conducting welding current, and the core itself melts into the filler metal and the liquid base metal to fuse to form a weld.When welding the electrode, the core metal takes up a part of the whole weld metal.Therefore, the chemical composition of the welding core directly affects the quality of the weld.Therefore, it is particularly important to use suitable welding rod (wire).

Serial number Category Material Corresponding electrode Corresponding wire
1 stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9(304 A002



00Cr19Ni10(304L A002 H00Cr21Ni10
3 00Cr17Ni14Mo2(316L A022



alloy steel 15CrMoG R307 H13CrMoA


16Mn J507


6 12Cr1MoV R317



Carbon steel 20 Steel J427



Q235A +GALV J427 H08Mn2Si
9 20G J427



Q235B J427 H08Mn2SiA
11 Import pipe 316L Mod E310Mol



15CrMoG R307  
13 16Mn


Product Display:Welding Rod

Welding Rod

We have all kinds of welding rods. We use plywood boxes or strong flexible container bags or steel drums to package the electrodes, both aesthetically and firm. Prior to packaging, we have also arranged professional QC personnel to test the electrodes to ensure that each welding wire meets the customer’s requirements.

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