In May 2019, a new friend from Australia sent a request for a cobalt-based alloy casting in the background of Alibaba.

I learned from the communication that he is a welding engineer, so he is very professional in technical discussions. Since the customer’s products need to use the surfacing process, but in the process of using this process, there is a conflict of size; but after the gradual exchanges with the customer, the contradiction occurred. Soon, we built a bridge of trust with our customers. After repeated in-depth exchanges, the customer did not hesitate to give us this order.

Next, we will make corresponding production schedules for customers’ reference according to the drawings, materials, precision, quantity and other requirements provided by customers. In addition, we also quickly arrange welding technicians to start production, and we also focus on the production process during the production process. As well as the quality of the products, we will immediately inform the customers and make them feel at ease and peace of mind.

Chemical composition table of Stellite6 cobalt-based surfacing discs and rings:

Chemical Compositon(%)CSiFeMoNiCoMnCrHardness


Stellite 6 ≤1.20≤1.20 ≤3.00≤1.00≤3.00 ≤Bal ≤1.00 ≤29.00≥37

Stellite6 cobalt-based weldment production process diagram:

In order to meet the customer’s requirements for testing, we arranged for the customer to send a completed disc and ring in advance, and soon after the customer received the goods, gave us a good feedback. The remaining goods were also completed quickly, and after a strict quality inspection, air transportation was also arranged.


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